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Case Study: How did Vodafone optimize mobility experience using AI?

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How did Vodafone Ireland improve the journey experience for Connected Cars and subscribers on the move? This Case Study describes the methodology Vodafone used, and the KPI improvements it saw, using Continual’s Mobility Experience Analytics Suite.

The M1 motorway that links Dublin to the Northern Ireland border is the main transport artery of the region and Ireland’s most important road. Uninterrupted connectivity for connected cars and subscribers on-the-move is critical and cannot be compromised.

When Vodafone Ireland started to use Continual’s Mobility Experience Analytics, it was no surprise that the M1 ranked top on the priority list of roads and motorways marked for analysis, monitoring and optimization of mobile network performance. The case study describes the methodology Vodafone used and the KPI improvements it saw.

Download the Vodafone Ireland Case Study now to explore:

What are the top metrics that determine user experience in mobility?
• How using an AI-based tool helps achieve your optimization goals
• Identifying links between mobility experience metrics and cell site location & footprint
• Applying Journey Analytics to accurately plot network journey experiences
• Drilling down and optimizing problematic highway segments

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