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Reactive and Predictive Maintenance Through Field Services Management

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Given that every minute of network downtime costs a medium-sized CSP $5 600 per minute, it’s worth considering how you can prevent such expensive failures. There’s no way to make any network 100% fault-proof, but you can certainly mitigate the cost.

A CSP’s field service workforce will spend up to 80% of its time fixing faults, so it’s important that your FSM solution can optimize their work effectively and automatically. Comarch Field Service Management does this by coordinating field operations, resource management, strategic planning and asset tracking through a cloud, mobile and IoT network. It has real-time advanced scheduling, dispatching, task support, mobility, analytics, forecasting and reporting capabilities to optimize human and technical resources.

Any advanced FSM solution should also handle preventative maintenance, by running predefined processes based on certain conditions – such as a warranty period or the environment in which equipment operates. Such a solution should be able to gather and analyze data from a variety of sources integrated through the IoT, and use this information to learn, predict and prevent faults before they occur.

On their own, neither preventative nor reactive maintenance are perfect. The former relies heavily on “averages” concerning a give piece of equipment’s expected lifetime, while the latter can be very costly. Yet, carefully optimized, they are essential in keeping your network running and your customers happy.

See the white paper for more information, and learn how Comarch FSM can be tailored to meet your needs.

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