Boosting Telco Innovation – How SDN/NFV Enables New Services and Business Models

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Providing connectivity is no longer much of a factor for CSPs. While competing with OTT players, telecom operators realized that, in order to keep their heads above water, they would need to invest and implement an innovation culture including different disruptive technologies such as NFV or SDN.

 Although invisible from the customer perspective, such technologies are a real game changer that could help telecoms companies to gain a competitive edge, especially in the enterprise customer segment. By implementing the self-empowerment model, telcos open themselves up to external service providers’ creativity, allowing them to unleash their potential to innovate.

As a result, thanks to introduction of enticing new offers for their business customers, CSPs can built a long-lasting, win-win relationship with their key customers, boosting not only client satisfaction but also their own revenues.

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