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  • EricssonIPX aiming to attract NFC developers with TSM testing kit

    Ericsson has announced the release of a development kit for its Trusted Service Manager (TSM) service. With the development kit, selected partners can remotely deploy, update and delete applications, while maintaining the same security level as in a real-life implementation through a standards-based TSM platform. This means that partners can test their applications, with actual users, even in a commercial environment. With the launch of the kit, Ericsson hopes to boost the advancement of compelling NFC applications, within access control, payment, loyalty or ticketing.

  • Denizbank Joins Turkcell's NFC Platform

    Denizbank has joined Turkcell Cep-T Cuzdan Platform, enabling its customers to make contactless payment with their handsets using Near Field Communications ("NFC") technology.

    Denizbank, differentiating itself with innovative and technological products and services, presents NFC based payment options to its customers to enable them to make contactless payments via mobile phones.  People wishing to use Turkey's first offline, no name prepaid card, which can realize their transaction without having to contact the center and buy a physical card, can simply SMS to apply with their mobile phones and simultaneously start shopping with their prepaid cards.  With this new application, all Denizbank customers can shop without a password in an easy, fast, and secure manner using their mobile phones the world over wherever the MasterCard PayPass (contactless payment) is accepted.

    On the other hand, Denizbank marks a first for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, by gaining Business Card, the NFC feature.

    Having underlined Turkcell's history of firsts in the area of mobile financial services, Chief New Technology Business Officer Cenk Bayrakdar commented that "We have started a new era in shopping through Cep-T Cuzdan, which is one of the world's first commercial NFC Services.  In converting physical wallet to mobile world, Cep-T Cuzdan presents Turkcell customers with the ease of contactless mobile payment in a secure and practical manner and enables them to experience the advantages of mobility.  Through this cooperation, we are glad to introduce Denizbank customers to the convenience of Cep-T Cuzdan."

    Murat Celik, Chief Digital Age Banking Officer at Denizbank commented that "Denizbank, closely monitoring developments in the banking sector, following up on the innovations in other industries, and using new technologies in its products and services will transfer the credit cards onto SIM cards via the NFC system at no cost to the customer.  During this process, we took into consideration the increasing attention on NFC and potential needs of our customers.  Indeed, Denizbank will continue to build on its innovative approach going forward."

  • UK m-commerce JV may harm future competition - EC

    EC launches 90 day investigation following m-wallet competition concerns

    The European Commission has announced that it will extend its investigation into Project Oscar, the proposed creation of a mobile commerce joint venture by UK mobile operators Telefónica, Vodafone and Everything Everywhere.

    Late on 13 April, the Commission reported that its preliminary examination, begun on 6 March, "indicated potential competition concerns in the nascent markets of mobile payment applications supply (so-called "mobile wallets"), mobile advertising and related data analytics services, where the joint venture may have very high market shares".

  • ARM, Gemalto and Giesecke & Devrient form secured services JV


    The joint venture will develop a ‘Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), which is based on established solutions from the founding companies, including ARM TrustZone technology

    ARM, Gemalto and Giesecke & Devrient today announced the creation of a joint venture dedicated to delivering a secure, accessible environment for advanced services running on the growing range of connected devices. This includes tablets, smart-TVs, games consoles and smartphones. All three companies are investing to accelerate adoption of a common security standard and create a vibrant ecosystem that will enable a new generation of innovative services. Security is critical for companies that wish to do business over these types of connected devices and provide the rich, seamless services that consumers expect. With improved security, delivered in a way that is easy to use, consumers will engage with a greater level of trust in the devices and services available.

    The joint venture, which is subject to regulatory approval, will provide a secure environment for a new wave of advanced services to flourish, based on easy to use, accessible and consistent device security. Technology developed by the joint venture will be based on established solutions from the founding companies. It will provide a practical solution for manufacturers to deliver devices that enable services with a new level of trust.  This trust will mean that consumers are able to simplify, improve and extend their digital lives.  Faster, more secure and richer access to the services they want will then be possible, wherever and whenever they want it.

    Gemalto and Giesecke & Devrient are both leading companies and long-standing ARM partners that offer security solutions to governments and for the financial and mobile industries. Gemalto and Giesecke & Devrient have agreed to contribute their respective software expertise to the joint venture*. This will accelerate standardization and interoperability, based on industry standards, to ensure that existing customer investments are future-proofed. All three companies will contribute assets to the new venture, including patents, software, people, cash and capital equipment. ARM will own 40% of the joint venture, with Gemalto and Giesecke & Devrient each owning 30%.

    Secure, Accessible Environment for Smart Connected Devices

    The new venture will focus on improving security for smart connected devices by developing a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) based on the established ARM® TrustZone® security technology. This common, secure environment for software execution will utilize advanced hardware security coupled with industry standard software interfaces, such as those from the GlobalPlatform industry association. By providing this secure environment for multiple silicon, software and device manufacturing partners, the joint venture will enable greater operational efficiency across the ecosystem and the industry as a whole.
    Devices with a TEE will provide consumers with more secure, user-friendly experiences that simplify and speed up how they interact with their digital world. This will enable them to use their smart, connected devices more frequently to access an increasing range of applications and services in a secure way. This includes mobile payment, enterprise productivity and mobile banking applications, as well as online commerce and premium content services.

    "The integration of the hardware, software and services necessary for system-wide security has been slow,” said Warren East, CEO, ARM. "I am confident that this new joint venture will accelerate the adoption of a common security standard, enabling a vibrant ecosystem of secure service providers to emerge. This will be of significant step in terms of improved consumer trust in secure transactions on connected devices."
    “Gemalto has been an early mover in developing its software and servicing capabilities to remotely manage sensitive data for different security implementations on connected devices, and we are excited to be part of this new venture that will pave the way for accelerating the adoption of a Trusted Execution Environment utilizing ARM TrustZone technology,” said Olivier Piou, CEO of Gemalto.  “Our combined efforts will result in the ecosystem as a whole being able to capitalize on the built-in security architectures, especially for transient data such as encryption keys for digital movie rentals, and reduce uncertainties for service providers wanting to launch and manage new services.”

    “Giesecke & Devrient were the first to establish, with Mobicore, a Trusted Execution Environment that can be securely managed over the air. It allows mass market development of an open, trusted application environment and is complementary to the existing secure elements offered on the basis of smart card technology. Through our mobile security OS software Mobicore we became trusted partners to some of the biggest semiconductor companies and device manufacturers,” said Karsten Ottenberg, CEO of Giesecke & Devrient.  “The new venture unites the leading players in Trusted Execution Environments and will accelerate the market for secured services.”

    "ARM integrates its TrustZone architecture into every ARM Cortex™-A family processor to help our silicon partners deliver the deepest level of security in their hardware,” said Ben Cade, CEO of the new venture. "The new venture will combine the security operations from three leading organizations. This will provide a trusted software environment capable of utilizing security from the hardware level up, in a consistent, open and accessible manner. This will pave the way for service providers to innovate advanced, trusted services that will enhance user experiences whilst also reducing risks and improving privacy.”

    * The new company will take on the responsibilities to existing customers of MobiCore and Trusted Logic Mobility’s Trusted Foundations software.  Trusted Logic Mobility is a Gemalto company.

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