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European Parliament expresses concerns about Huawei and 5G 13 March 2019
Hutchison Drei claims Austria’s first “true” 5G network 24 June 2019
NetCologne launches gigabit network using existing copper 26 June 2019
ZTE opens Cybersecurity Lab in Brussels, new 5G row erupts on Jersey 11 July 2019
Cisco strives to reduce hardware dependency with Acacia acquisition 11 July 2019
Drei switches on 5G in Carinthia to create digital showcase region 14 August 2019
Replacing Chinese equipment could cost European operators €3.18 billion 24 September 2019
Mobile core network market revenue increased 14% year on year 03 December 2019
Would NATO buy fighter planes from China? 15 January 2020
ZTE outlines 6G 'reconfigure the world' vision 24 March 2020
6G gains momentum with US call to action and Chinese partnership 21 May 2020
Open source could rival proprietary telco solutions by 2025 05 June 2020
Huawei: just when it looks like things can’t get bleaker 01 July 2020
Samsung joins ranks of firms ramping up their 6G credentials 15 July 2020
UK claims landmark court case has global implications for telecoms IP – and the UK 26 August 2020
5G core network revenues to get close to $1bn this year 27 August 2020
ecta warns banning Chinese suppliers will damage Europe 19 October 2020
Sweden bans use of Huawei and ZTE equipment in 5G networks 21 October 2020
Sweden delays 5G auction after confirming it will go ahead 10 November 2020
Auction delays: Huawei launches another appeal against exclusion from Sweden’s 5G 08 January 2021