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Telefónica’s new plan is nothing new 05 February 2020
Four telcos test inter-operator blockchain solution for roaming agreements 17 February 2020
Northern Spain operator plans national expansion 17 February 2020
Telco Security Alliance improves detection through shared intelligence 18 February 2020
Microsoft and Telefónica expand cloud partnership to boost Spain’s digital economy 25 February 2020
GSMA supports operators’ initiative to develop an interoperable edge platform 28 February 2020
Telefónica demos 5G AR-enhanced tourism 06 March 2020
Thales chooses Google Cloud to expand eSIM management 04 May 2020
No jump in telco energy consumption, despite traffic surge 01 June 2020
Telefónica contributes processing power for COVID-19 research 04 June 2020
Telefónica brings sustainability targets forward 08 June 2020
Telefónica gets green light for TV and movie JV 19 June 2020
Mavenir lab testing 5G SA on DT’s cloud infrastructure 26 June 2020
DISH enters multi-year agreement with Altiostar for open RAN deployment 01 July 2020
Telefónica, Orange France and Swisscom flash their green credentials 08 July 2020
Top European operators fix financial settlement using blockchain 13 July 2020
Big Four launch Go Ignite 5G innovation programme 23 July 2020
Telefónica says it will have 100% fibre coverage in Spain by 2025 31 July 2020
Keys to the kingdom: OpenRAN seeks to break open vendor lock-in 31 July 2020
CEO, Telefónica Global Roaming: blockchain’s telco potential – now is the time 03 August 2020