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Rakuten Mobile

Rakuten names the go-live day as 1 October with limited free trial 08 September 2019
Orange signs global roaming agreement with Rakuten Mobile 29 October 2019
Rakuten picks Netrounds for automated service assurance 27 November 2019
Nokia to operate Rakuten’s virtualised core as a managed service 25 February 2020
Rakuten shakes up Japanese market with “shocking” low price plan 04 March 2020
Rakuten Mobile opts for Nokia’s optical transport for 5G cloud-native network 10 March 2020
Greenfield US operator opts for OpenRAN from Mavenir 24 April 2020
Open RAN coalition launches to ‘spur competition’ and push for federal 5G support 06 May 2020
Rakuten buys OSS company to advance cloud-native blueprint vision 14 May 2020
Rakuten delays 5G launch date citing pandemic 19 May 2020
Altiostar tests O-RAN-compliant 5G with NEC and Rakuten 20 May 2020
NEC to develop Rakuten’s 5G core 03 June 2020
NTT allies with NEC for joint R&D and global ICT deployment 25 June 2020
DISH enters multi-year agreement with Altiostar for open RAN deployment 01 July 2020
University of Glasgow enters research agreement with Rakuten Mobile 02 July 2020
Keys to the kingdom: OpenRAN seeks to break open vendor lock-in 31 July 2020
Rakuten and Telefónica to collaborate on OpenRAN 17 September 2020
Rakuten Mobile launches 5G, questions remain 30 September 2020
Vodafone and NEC to trial Open RAN 19 October 2020
Two analysts predict Open RAN will dominate market by end of decade 22 October 2020