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IoT survey: Uncertainty about operators’ role and new business models persists 17 December 2020
Fast-growing Bouygues Telecom outlines Ambition 2026 strategy 18 January 2021
Big four put their shoulders to Open RAN wheel in Europe 21 January 2021
Orange, Sanofi, Capgemini and Generali form eHealth ecosystem 25 January 2021
IoT and infrastructure are complex, lack cohesion and deter customers 01 February 2021
Orange opens nine new 5G Labs to explore any-sector use cases 04 February 2021
TIM joins the European Open RAN party 05 February 2021
Orange announces TOTEM, its European towerco 18 February 2021
Vodafone could raise up to €4bn from Vantage Towers IPO 25 February 2021
Orange signs up Nokia for global SON and 5G optimisation 15 March 2021
European spending on AI will exceed €10bn in 2021 26 March 2021
Ericsson opens Lab to collaborate with cloud RAN customers and partners 01 April 2021
Convergence is the key across disparate markets 07 April 2021
Massive network automation might be years away, but there’s plenty of scope now 11 May 2021
Vodafone-led consortium wins first operating licence for Ethiopia 24 May 2021
Capgemini and Orange are to create Bleu sovereign cloud 28 May 2021
EC choses consortium to develop European quantum network 31 May 2021
Orange to roll out blockchain of things in over 80 Polish cities 02 June 2021
European gang of 5 releases Open RAN tech priorities 08 June 2021
TIM opens Open RAN lab in Turin 09 June 2021