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Report finds ‘no technical grounds’ to ban Huawei from UK networks 16 July 2019
UK remains undecided about risk posed by Huawei 23 July 2019
O2 to turn 5G on in six key cities in October 26 July 2019
Huawei defies US gravity with rising first half revenues 30 July 2019
Global study shows how smartphones’ mobile network capabilities vary 07 August 2019
Competition is tough at the top of the mast 08 August 2019
Huawei launches Harmony OS as potential Android alternative 09 August 2019
Huawei’s founder wants to build an "invincible iron army" to survive US sanctions 13 August 2019
Tele2 makes first 5G video call in super-connected Latvia 14 August 2019
Standards bodies promote convergence of 5G and Wi-Fi 04 September 2019
MTS celebrates 5G milestones in Russia with Huawei, Nokia and Qualcomm 05 September 2019
Replacing Chinese equipment could cost European operators €3.18 billion 24 September 2019
Huawei unveils fully containerised 5G core network 30 September 2019
ETSI kick-starts work to secure artificial intelligence 03 October 2019
Sunrise hits 3.67Gbps downlink speed on C-Band 10 October 2019
Telia introduces 5G devices in Finland, announces plans for Norway 11 October 2019
EU report on 5G security spotlights suppliers 11 October 2019
Sunrise and Huawei open European 5G research centre 15 October 2019
Germany says it won't ban Huawei from 5G infra as vendor’s profits rise 17 October 2019
Nokia shares fell 24% as it halts dividend payments 24 October 2019