German government to invest €1.1 bn on mobile infrastructure 18 November 2019
Orange announces five-year strategy for growth and towercos 05 December 2019
KPN announces FTTH plan for Amsterdam 10 December 2019
Altice Europe sells almost half Portuguese FTTH business 18 December 2019
Deutsche Telekom’s FTTH joint venture gets underway 16 January 2020
BT lowers fibre threshold for new build sites, teams up with Google for gaming 17 January 2020
Salt stays at the head of nPerf’s Swiss table 13 February 2020
CETIN to tackle Czech ‘white spots’ 13 February 2020
EU vetoes proposed wholesale fibre regulation in Sweden 13 February 2020
FTTH Council Europe shows fibre broadband reaches almost half of all homes 23 April 2020
BT denies reports of talks to sell multi-million pound stake in Openreach 15 May 2020
Orange Business Services signs deal with Open Fiber in Italy 16 June 2020
Utility networks could be used to deliver UK broadband 16 June 2020
Nokia announces new contracts – and next-gen vRAN 23 June 2020
Orange’s board of directors hits back at regulator's “unfair and unfounded claims” 17 July 2020
Proximus and DELTA Fiber sign MoU to accelerate fibre roll-out in Flanders 11 August 2020
Deutsche Telekom launches MagentaGaming platform 26 August 2020
Open Fiber partners with Nokia for FTTH expansion 15 September 2020
A full-fibre cure for Europe? 01 October 2020
DT announces “pioneering” FTTH deal with Telefónica Deutschland 09 October 2020