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European Union

FCC’s decision on unlicensed spectrum ushers in era of Wi-Fi 6 24 April 2020
European moves to speed up 5G small cell deployments 02 July 2020
France will not ban Huawei from networks says cyber boss – yet 07 July 2020
Is the smart home a distorted one? 16 July 2020
Parts of the EU are dragging their feet on high-risk vendors 26 July 2020
Bosch investigates private 5G network at wafer fab in Reutlingen 07 August 2020
Telcos support EU’s attempt to create fairer digital markets 07 September 2020
ecta warns banning Chinese suppliers will damage Europe 19 October 2020
Overcoming Europe’s data inferiority complex 10 November 2020
ETNO joins GAIA-X, calls for EU leadership in the data economy 18 November 2020
EU proposes data sharing to break Big Tech’s iron grip 26 November 2020
Ways to speed up the deployment of very high capacity European networks 27 November 2020
European Union announces €95.5bn R&D Horizon 2027 fund 16 December 2020
Europe lagging behind in digitalisation and network deployment 01 February 2021
24 EU member states yet to comply with Electronic Communications Code 08 February 2021
Spain’s big three mull joint effort to secure EU recovery funding 12 February 2021
GÉANT opts for Orange as pan-European cloud provider 24 March 2021
Google Cloud and Telefónica Tech chosen by GÉANT for open cloud project 22 April 2021
EC proposes tough new AI rules including 6% of turnover for violations 23 April 2021
Belgium's Council of Ministers launches national high-speed coverage plan 06 May 2021