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Edge computing

China deploys 5G-powered robot patrols to detect Covid-19 carriers 23 March 2020
Equinix expands interconnection services to global platform in EMEA 29 April 2020
Deloitte upgrades outlook for private 5G 05 May 2020
Deutsche Telekom and SK Telekom announce engineer exchange programme 07 May 2020
Microsoft to buy Metaswitch in telecom push 15 May 2020
Survey: Telcos advance digital transformation, but security is a big challenge 20 May 2020
TIM advances cloud ambitions with Noovle acquisition 27 May 2020
Netcracker announces new digital portfolio 04 June 2020
University of Glasgow enters research agreement with Rakuten Mobile 02 July 2020
Enterprise networks: the battle for eminence at the edge 20 July 2020
Deutsche Telekom launches MagentaGaming platform 26 August 2020
Rocket-fuelled: MEC worth $7.23bn by 2024? 27 August 2020
Telefónica Germany to run 5G core on public cloud 03 September 2020
Vodafone UK loses landmark mast court case 03 September 2020
Azure for Operators – a logical next step 29 September 2020
Winter is coming: BT looks to disrupt content streaming 09 October 2020
Case study: Telefónica implements Spain's first 5G-smart factory 11 November 2020
Telefónica deploys Virtual Data Centre service with edge nodes in Seville 27 November 2020
IoT survey: Uncertainty about operators’ role and new business models persists 17 December 2020
IoT at the edge: magic won’t happen automatically 22 December 2020