• Richard Brennan to leave Orange at end of October
• Mobistar CEO Bernard Ghillebaert appointed as EVP Marketing, Products and Technology, Orange Group

Orange has announced changes to its Executive Team with the appointment of Bernard Ghillebaert as executive vice president of Marketing, Products and  Technology. The appointment follows Richard Brennan’s personal decision to fulfil a lifelong ambition and travel the world. Richard will leave Orange at the end of October, having been with the company for 11 years.

Bernard Ghillebaert will be transferring to a new Orange Group role from his current position as CEO of Mobistar, the Belgian subsidiary of Orange. He will be responsible for Marketing, Products and Technology for Orange worldwide.

Richard will work closely with Bernard during the four-month transition period to ensure a full and comprehensive handover. A replacement for Bernard at Mobistar will be announced in the coming weeks.

Sanjiv Ahuja, CEO of the Orange Group, said: "Bernard will bring valuable operational experience and a strong track record in disciplined execution and commercial focus to his new group role. He has produced world class results in a competitive environment and was a pioneer for the whole GSM industry. His performance and drive make him a great asset to the Orange executive team."

He added: "I would also like to thank Richard for his tremendous contribution to the business and the industry as a whole over the last 11 years. His loyalty and commitment to the Orange brand, in particular his support in delivering our vision of one Orange, have been unwavering. I hope Richard will stay in touch with Orange and maybe even play a part in the continuing bright future of the company."

Richard  Brennan  said: "After  more than a decade at Orange, it is obviously a difficult decision to leave this great company. However, I feel that the time is right to fulfil a life-long ambition of mine."

He added: "Orange will continue to grow, innovate and break down the barriers, just as it has always done. With all the great people within the company, and the passion and ambition that they display, I can honestly say I believe now more than ever, that the futures bright, the futures Orange."

Lucent and Novatel to supply Merlin U530 UMTS PC Card Modems to the KPN Mobile Division in the Netherlands and Germany

Lucent Technologies and Novatel Wireless have announced that the two companies will supply KPN in the Netherlands and E-Plus in Germany with the Merlin U530 Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) PC Card Modems - jointly developed by Lucent and Novatel Wireless. Under the terms of a multi-million dollar supply agreement, Lucent and Novatel Wireless will supply these 3G data cards to support the rollout of high-speed data services on the 3G UMTS networks in KPN's territories.

The 3G data cards will enable KPN to offer customers enhanced services such as high-quality streaming video and audio, secure mobile access to e-mail with large attachments and other information stored behind corporate firewalls at data transfer speeds of up to 384 kilobits per second. Network users will have access to KPN's enhanced high-speed data services by plugging the PC cards into a laptop and installing the accompanying client software.
"With these 3G UMTS data cards we will be able to successfully launch UMTS and sell high speed data services, so we can position ourselves as the UMTS supplier for enterprise solutions across our customer base in Europe," said Mark de Jong, executive vice president Corporate Development KPN Mobile Division.

"KPN is one of the leaders in introducing cutting edge wireless services in the countries it operates in," said Heide Jeuken-Dahmen, director mobility segment for Lucent Technologies. "These services are particularly attractive to business users, and we are pleased to be supporting KPN as the company develops to offer customers high-speed mobile access to the Internet and corporate networks and multimedia services using the Merlin U530 Wireless PC Card Modem from Lucent and Novatel Wireless."

"Continued adoption of the Merlin U530 testifies to its reliability, ease of use and best in class functionality," said Peter Leparulo, CEO for Novatel Wireless. "The addition of KPN represents our eighth top tier operator customer in Europe, clearly establishing us as the market leader in 3G UMTS data solutions."

Austria's leading mobile provider, mobilkom austria, takes next step toward an integrated customer management approach with deployment of Amdocs solution

Amdocs, the world's leading provider of billing and CRM for true integrated customer management, and mobilkom austria, the leading wireless service provider in Austria, today announced the successful deployment of Amdocs ClarifyCRM ClearSales. This deployment builds on mobilkom austria's long term relationship with Amdocs and marks an important milestone in its adoption of Amdocs solutions and its move towards a true integrated customer management approach. In addition, the new deployment will help streamline all customer-facing business processes to deliver an unparalleled customer experience, thus creating and capturing maximum value.

By integrating ClarifyCRM sales functionality with its Amdocs billing and CRM solution, mobilkom austria now has complete visibility across its entire sales process.  As a result of having a holistic view of all the customer touch points, mobilkom austria has improved its business performance and is now better able to identify revenue growth opportunities across its expanding business customer base. In fact, more than two-thirds of all business customers in Austria use mobilkom austria's A1 network, Austria's most popular mobile voice-VPN.

"We are proud of our reputation as an innovator in Austria's mobile communications market," said Claudia Leeb, project manager for the "Business Sales" project, mobilkom austria. "The Amdocs integrated solution has enabled us to maintain our competitive advantage and offer the right products to the right customers through any sales channel and across any customer touch-point. The addition of Amdocs ClarifyCRM sales functionality allows us to streamline sales processes and eliminate product configuration and sales order errors, thereby improving customer loyalty and operational effectiveness." 

"By adding Amdocs sales capabilities to our integrated billing and CRM solution, our customer-facing sales organisation now has the business critical information required to take a more consultative selling approach during all stages of the sales process," said Manfred Kramml, head of business sales department, mobilkom austria. "By taking this step towards enhancing support and information flow across the entire sales lifecycle, mobilkom austria has measurably improved customer relationships, increased operational efficiencies and reduced costs throughout the entire organisation."

mobilkom austria is now able to unify relevant information across any point in the customer lifecycle - from marketing, sales, delivery, and billing and settlement to service and support. Amdocs ClarifyCRM  sales solution allows mobilkom austria to manage leads throughout the entire sales process - from lead identification through to close; track and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns; and gain greater visibility into business performance with enhanced forecasting capabilities. 

"Amdocs' deep industry expertise and comprehensive solutions enable communications services providers around the world to transform themselves to an integrated customer management business model, putting customers at the centre of everything they do," said Michael Matthews, chief marketing officer for Amdocs.  "We're happy to provide mobilkom austria with a seamless solution to automate key customer-facing business processes at all stages of the customer lifecycle, and we look forward to continuing to support its efforts to better serve its customers and maintain a distinct competitive advantage."

mobilkom austria has also built a contact activity object into the Amdocs system, enabling account managers to generate reports prior to customer site visits, as well as record, track and assess details from the visits. Using the system, account managers can access and distribute prospect information from external sources in real-time, allowing mobilkom austria to identify and quickly capitalise on new opportunities.

Possio introduces wireless router for 3G networks.

By allowing Wireless LAN network users to access the internet via 3G networks, mobile operators can broaden their service offerings by leveraging the success of Wireless LAN. At the same time, operators offering public Wireless LAN access and enterprises mobilising their workforce will not depend on fixed lines to the internet any longer.

“With our Wireless LAN over 3G solution users get an ADSL like experience and we are overwhelmed by the number of applications that 3G operators are interested in, “ says David Thorberg, CEO of Possio. “We enable for example temporary and mobile Wireless LAN access, a new range of M2M applications, innovative local copper loop replacement and access where fixed lines simply aren’t available," continues Thorberg.

Possio successfully launched the second generation of their wireless router in the beginning of 2004, based on their patent filed in 2002 for local to cellular routers.

The third generation of the platform is planned for Q3 2004 focusing on residential solutions. “The third generation of the wireless router will make our product offerings complete by spanning both enterprise and residential solutions," says David Thorberg. Possio’s business model is to finalise customer specific applications on the generic wireless router platform followed by manufacturing of customer specific configurations based on volume commitments.

“Our current wireless router is built on Possio’s unique wireless router platform and supports GPRS, UMTS FDD and UMTS TDD on the WAN side and Wireless LAN, Ethernet and Bluetooth on the user side,” says Patrik Nilsson, Product Manager. “We will soon support EDGE, CDMA 1x and iMode, which makes Wireless LAN over 3G an even more exciting opportunity.”

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"Validation of 3G networks essential to commercial success "

UbiNetics, a world leader in 3G Terminal and Test & Measurement technology, has announced the delivery of the first LG200 Load Generators to major network operators in Europe.

The UbiNetics LG200 Load Generator is a powerful, flexible network test system that allows infrastructure manufacturers and operators to simulate 'real-world' network conditions in a lab environment. The system can be configured to perform many different test scenarios, ranging from straightforward load testing to verifying the interoperability between mobiles and the network under test.

 "Verifying the performance of complex multi-mode networks is a really challenging task", said Neil Peniket, Vice President, System Test Products at UbiNetics. "Thorough network testing will be essential to the success of future mobile services, and the ability to run tests in a carefully controlled, deterministic way will help manufacturers and operators to fully understand any issues affecting network reliability and integrity."

A key feature of the LG200 is the high degree of RF screening provided for the terminals used in the system, coupled with a high performance RF attenuation and combining unit.  This allows for precise control over signal levels, allowing realistic testing of key features such as soft handover.

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Claims it breaks Nokia grip on mobile video

Oplayo, the leading mobile video specialist, today launches its latest mobile video product, the Oplayo Vidlet 2.2, that breakthroughs Nokia’s exclusivity to include Siemens, SonyEricsson, Samsung, Motorola, Sharp, LG, Sanyo and NEC and more.

Philip Bourchier O’Ferrall, UK Managing Director at Oplayo commented; “Oplayo Vidlet 2.2 is the only technology that allows anyone with a colour screen phone to quickly and easily access video services for receiving, viewing and sending mobile video content, without the need for 3G.”

“By using a single Java MIDlet over-the-air download both the player and the content, including several types such as video, background audio and splash-screen images, is delivered to the user in one package. This benefits content owners, who can speak directly to consumers; operators who can reach out to large numbers of their subscriber base; and marketers who can utilize new viral marketing techniques.”

Working with GSM or GPRS connections, service providers will be able to create marketing opportunities for broad customer groups such as video subscription services, mobile video greeting cards and viral distribution of video material.

Every single click through or view is logged in Oplayo’s Digital Rights Management (DRM) server offering a powerful statistical analysis for marketers and can provide a restriction on the number of times a user can view content for operators to better control ARPU.

Oplayo has a global customer base and offers this product with local language support in English, German, Italian, French, Brazilian, Portuguese, Czech, Finnish, Arabic, Norwegian and Russian.

“To support Vidlet 2.2, Oplayo has re-launched its Vidlet Webstore offering content aggregators pre-packaged mass market Vidlets including content from many consumer brands.”

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In short and as a catch phase mobile banking can be defined as to  "Control your personal finances via your mobile ".  Zinek's Mobile Banking systems are powered by the robust Mobile Message Engine server, which has the scalability and extendibility to fit all the physical demands and characteristics financial institutions can possible throw at it. The feature rich server enables banks to quickly launch services like: Account balance requests, Recent transaction enquiry, Internal account transfer, Stock Exchange Information requests, Alerts and Automatic help desk, while many more customized banking services can be seamlessly launched on top of the extendable plug in architecture.

From the banking institution point of view Mobile Banking holds enormous potential for the future. This convenient method of keypad payment offers the mobile user full control of their finances while on the move - an interesting alternative to paying by cash or by credit card. These Mobile Banking solutions give mobile users a service, which is easy understandable (accessing your account balance becomes as easy as adding a contact into your phonebook) enabling financial business to be carried out irrespective of time and place. Whether by mobile phone using SMS, XHTML or WAP customers can request their account status and movements, or make banking transactions wherever they are, whenever they want.

Secure data transfer and continuous automated system monitoring is of utmost importance. Within the bank's internal Mobile Message Engine server - all mobile banking communications are routed over secure technology protocols (SOAP, HTTPS) enabling synchronizing of data communication to be pre-configured and defined by the bank. API interfaces, server applets and easy configured database modules enable rapid implementation of the mobile banking system and thus reducing the overall time to market. From the end users' mobile phone point of view, SMS, XHTML and WAP are enabled using PIN/TAN, which is the same high level of security procedure familiar from Internet banking.

On a daily basis Zinek received numerous requests from banking institutions about which clients the mobile banking service should be launched on and utilized by the end user - from our point of view we don't intend to push technology on to end users but need to listen to the market and that's where we will find what fits best. In today's mobile environment there are many different systems to operate mobile banking through - SMS with simple data transfer, XHTML browsing from the mobile, WAP in terms of web pages access on the mobile, etc - all of which have their benefits and draw backs which need to be evaluated and matched to your clients demands.

SMS (Short Message Service), the distinguishing features of Mobile Banking with SMS are its low cost and convenient use, however with low data throughput. Mobile Banking with SMS enables (almost) every owner of a mobile phone to benefit from mobile banking, worldwide.

XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language), the successor to WAP and i-mode, is already available. Although XHTML is actually designed to be used with any end user device, a version has been developed specifically for mobile phones, and the first devices with an XHTML browser have already appeared on the market. The main slow down in XHTML browsing is its need for the operators to support it on the SIM card, which today is only a small percentage of the operator market.

WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), the prerequisite for WAP-based Mobile Banking is a mobile phone with WAP capability and a display, which meets the required specifications.  Even though WAP applications offer a greater graphical look and feel on current mobile phones with GPRS capability, only a small percentage of the mobile users have WAP enabled mobile devices and from that percentage only a small proportion have the knowledge and know how to use them.

From this simple client synopsis it is proposed that the decision on which client to deploy within the banking network should be based on the clientele which banking institutions aim to target the mobile banking service towards, and while understanding this they will increase the value propositions and overall usage of the new service.

Currently today Zinek sells the Mobile Banking system / Mobile Message Engine server product to service providers, systems integrators, ISP's and large enterprises, enabling them to launch secure and multiple interactive mobile messaging services into their networks. For further information about Zinek's Mobile Banking systems or to set up a personal online demonstration please contact us directly.

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Opera Telecom, the fastest growing international provider of premium-rate mobile services, has appointed Peter Charlesworth as Director of Operations, as the company continues its recruitment drive in order to sustain its position at the forefront of the industry. 

Charlesworth will be responsible for operational development at Opera Telecom, working closely with the sales and product design teams to ensure effective and efficient resource management and to develop existing company operational policies in order to make best, and most profitable, use of staff and technology across the Opera Telecom Group.
Opera Telecom is predicting rapid business growth at a time when many of its competitors are experiencing a downturn in revenues. The company achieved a 100% increase in profits and turnover in the year ending May 2004, with revenues at £90.4 million and profits at £5.4 million, and further business expansion is planned during the next 12 months. 
Commenting on his appointment, Charlesworth says, “This is an excellent time to be joining Opera Telecom as the company continues to buck the trend in the industry by expanding on an international scale, despite the fact that many of its competitors are issuing profits warnings and losing market share.
Charlesworth continues, “The nature of the mobile services industry is that it is very fast moving, and I look forward to working with the team from an operational perspective to ensure that the company is well positioned to capitalise on new and emerging markets, channels and technologies, as and when the opportunities arise.”
Prior to joining Opera Telecom, Charlesworth was Product Group and Marketing Communications Director at Profund Systems, a provider of administration software. Here he directed the company’s change from a service organisation to a product-focused business. Before this, he worked as a freelance Business Consultant, assessing, analysing, and implementing Merger & Acquisition strategies, as well as expanding and downsizing operations for Venture Capitalists and Integrator companies.
Gary Corbett, Managing Director of Opera Telecom, concludes “Our financial forecast remains very positive and having achieved rapid year-on-year sales growth since our foundation in 2000, we are now looking to bring on board experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals in order to support the company during the next stage of its business development. Peter will be a key part of this and the experience he brings with him will be invaluable within his new role.”

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3G initiatives supported include downloads of key matches and highlights from European Football's Euro2004

Convergys Corporation, the global leader in integrated billing, employee care, and customer care services, announced today that TMN (Telecomunicações Móveis Nacionais) is using Convergys' Infinys software to support the rollout of 3G
services in Portugal.  TMN, the leading mobile operator in Portugal, is the first carrier to bring video telephony services to Portugal. TMN is using the flexibility and advanced functionality of the Infinys application for rating, Geneva, to help drive its growing range of 3G services and bring attractive packages to market quickly.

TMN’s recent launch of 3G services reflects the company’s long history as an innovator and pioneer in the Portuguese telecommunications market. With five million subscribers, the company offers a diverse range of services, with 3G initiatives including video telephony and a new 3G portal, which allows broadband access to advanced content, video and multimedia services.

TMN’s 3G subscribers will be able to download videos and key highlights from UEFA Euro2004, this year’s major European football championship tournament being held in Portugal.

“The market for content-rich, next-generation services represents a major opportunity for us to grow revenues and enhance ARPU (average revenue per user).  This is something we are committed to and something that Convergys' Infinys software is already helping us to achieve,” said Eugénio Alves da Silva, IT Director, TMN.  “Infinys’ ease of configuration, highly-flexible pricing, and revenue distribution capabilities enable us to both win market share quickly and drive our 3G operation over the long-term.”

“Through this contract with TMN, Convergys will be supporting a major 3G rollout program by one of Europe’s premier operators," said Jean-Hervé Jenn, President of Convergys' Information Management Group for EMEA.  “The ability to launch new services quickly and ensure that they are
attractively packaged is vital in today’s markets, particularly in the 3G space, where rapid penetration is essential.  As well as supporting TMN’s initial rollout, Convergys will support TMN’s continual refinement and differentiation of its portfolio to sustain its preeminent position in the market.“

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Over twice as many as same time last year

May 2004 has seen another increase in its highest recorded number of WAP pages viewed in one month since counting began in September 2002. 1.46 billion WAP pages impressions were viewed in the UK during May 2004, according to figures announced today by the Mobile Data Association (MDA).

The total, from GSM Network operators O2, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone, shows an emerging trend with a daily average figure of 47 million for a second month, more than doubling the daily average of 22.5 million for the same period last year. The MDA, allowing for seasonal differences, forecasts continued growth with WAP page impressions expected to reach a total of 13 billion for 2004. Every month the MDA will post the monthly WAP figures on its website www.text.it.

Mobile Office Card — first 3G product launched across UK in July; FreeMove alliance — roaming in Spain, Italy and Germany at launch; SonyEricsson and LG named as first 3G handset vendors in UK & FR

Orange, the mobile arm of the France Telecom Group, today
announced  the  launch of its first next generation high-speed network, products and  tariffs,  designed  to  take  its  UK customers toward a mobile broadband experience across the largest integrated network in the country.

At  launch  on  19  July,  Orange will have the most extensive integrated 2.5/3G network in the UK, with 66% of the population covered by its high-speed network, ensuring  that  even  if  customers  move out of 3G coverage, they will not lose their  connection  to  the  network.  Orange  has  3G  coverage  in major cities including  London,  Manchester, Edinburgh, Bristol, Belfast, Glasgow, Sheffield, Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Leeds. Orange will also be taking advantage  of  its  position  within  the  FreeMove alliance, giving UK business customers  the  ability  to  access  3G  services in Spain, Italy and Germany at launch,  as  well as the 3G network of Orange in France. Orange and its FreeMove partners have licences in 14 markets across Europe.

Orange  is  developing  a  range of business services, leveraging the high-speed network, to give companies a faster and more productive way to work on the move. The  first  of  these  to  market  will  be the 3G Mobile Office Card in the UK.
Targeted  at corporate and small business customers, it will be available to buy in  the  UK  from  19  July,  complete  with  a transparent tariff structure and offering speeds of up to 384 kbps. Already tried and tested by over 60 corporate and  medium-sized  businesses  (over  500  individual users) in the UK, it comes complete  with  an easy-to-use ?dashboard? interface and will be compatible with the  majority  of  laptop PC?s offering faster access to email, the Internet and intranet  services as well as specific sales-force and business critical company information.

Orange  will  be  launching  its  next generation services in France this Autumn (2004)  with coverage available in over 20 cities. Almost 5,000 Orange customers in   France   are  already  trialling  video  calling,  video  messaging,  video
answerphone,  fixed-to-mobile  video  calls,  web  conferencing  and  live video services  in  many cities across France, including Toulouse, Lille, Bordeaux and Cannes.

Sanjiv  Ahuja,  CEO  of  the  Orange  Group, said: "With the launch of our first high-speed  network,  we've  begun  to  light  up  our map of Europe.  This is a milestone event for our customers, for Orange, and for the entire France Telecom Group.  We  are  now mobilising the broadband experience, delivering world class products   and  services  across  our  high-speed  networks  throughout  Europe, leveraging  the  experience  we  have  gained  through  trials with thousands of
 ustomers  in the wireless environment, as well as the five years experience theroup has gained providing fixed broadband services."

He  added:  "Today  brings  us  a vital step closer to realising our vision of a truly  integrated  communication  offering,  giving  our  customers  simple  and convenient ways to access the people, places and content they want."

The  Orange  3G  Mobile  Office  Card  solution  utilises  the Merlin U530 data Wireless  PC Modem Card from Lucent Technologies and Novatel Wireless. It offers an  intuitive  software interface which is used to access high-speed, wide area, wireless  connectivity on the UMTS network. A range of competitive tariffs will be  available  from  Orange in the UK, including a flat rate tariff for just £75 per  month. The 3G Mobile Office Card is available from £85 (excluding VAT). See
appendix for full tariff details.

Business  customers  will  benefit  from the support of a ?3G data card start-up team,  who  are tasked with ensuring that the 3G Mobile Office Card is correctly activated  and  configured  to  work  smoothly  with a company's own network and security  systems. Once up and running, ongoing 24-hour customer support will be available  from  a new specialist data support team. The Orange 3G Mobile Office Card  is  the  first solution of an extensive range of products and services for
corporate  customers  which  will be launched this year across Europe as part of France Telecom's integrated Business Everywhere offering.

John  Allwood,  Executive Vice-President of Orange UK, said: "The Orange network in  the  UK now provides our customers with the most comprehensive integrated 3G coverage  in  the  country,  as  well  as  the  best value tariffs available and services that can be used in more places than with any other network."

"We  began  testing  our next generation network in Bristol five years ago. Back then,  Orange  became  the  first  mobile  company  to  make  a  call  across  a next-generation  network.  Now,  with  half  a  decade  of  rigorous testing and
 experience  behind  us,  we are launching our new services to customers offering them the most effective, compelling and integrated solution available.

"By  focusing  on  every  aspect  of  the customer's interaction with us, we are setting  the  industry  bench-mark,  delivering  the  best network coverage, the smoothest  network  handover,  transparent  pricing,  fast  access to compelling
services and the most comprehensive after-sales care."

The Orange 3G Mobile Office Card will be compatible with the majority of laptops PC's,  providing  the  flexibility and choice Orange business customers require.  Nick  Eades,  Marketing  Director  for Fujitsu Siemens Computers Ltd, said: "The
growth  of  mobile  data solutions based on new 3G services is certain to enable competitive  advantage  for  many businesses. Early experiences of our LIFEBOOK range of notebook computers confirms the levels of performance and simplicity of operation from the Orange 3G package which users have been waiting for."

Orange  will  be  launching  next generation handsets and services in the UK and France  later  in  the  year, with SonyEricsson and LG announced as its first 3G handset vendors.

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O2 Music announces music downloads direct to mobile phone with the launch of the Limited Edition Siemens SX1 with an integrated O2 Music Player on 1 August 2004. Music fans now have the choice of using either the SX1 with fully integrated digital music player or a mobile with a separate device to search, preview, download and play full music tracks over the O2 mobile network.

O2 Music launched Europe’s first ‘over the air’ music download service in November 2003 with the stand alone O2 Digital Music Player, and is currently the only network operator to offer 100,000 full length tracks thanks to established partnerships with Sony Music, Warners, Universal, BMG, AIM Independents and MTV.

Like those with the existing O2 Digital Music Player, O2 music fans opting for the Siemens SX1 are able to search, preview, download and store the latest chart hits and popular music all with their mobile phone, with no need for separate devices, wires, the internet or to give out credit card details online.

The Siemens SX1 comes with a 128MB memory card allowing storage of up to 128 full length tracks. The SX1 also features an integrated VGA camera, Video and Audio Player, FM radio, MultiMediaCard-Slot and tri-band functionality.

O2 Music offers you the very latest tracks from a huge range of music genres such as dance, pop, indie, rock, chill-out, r’n’b, jazz and more, as well as offering exclusive remixes, live and radio versions of tracks, plus pre-releases before they hit the record stores. You can browse through 100,000 tracks by genre or artist or select from any of the top charts including the UK top 10, European top 20, MTV Hits top 10, MTV Dance top 10, MTV Base top 10 (Hip Hop, R&B, Urban Chart), MTV2 top 10 (Rock), Chill out top 10 and NME charts.

The Limited Edition Siemens SX1, boasting an integrated O2 Music Player, is exclusive to O2 in the UK and also has an integrated O2 Active menu that gives customers direct access to O2’s colour multi-media entertainment and information WAP service.  O2 Active offers further content for the music enthusiast including music wallpaper, video and TrueTone downloads, charts, gossip and a gigs service allowing customers to enter a postcode or town and get all the latest music events and gigs information with links to buy tickets straight away. 

O2 has also recently launched an ‘Artists & Bands’ service featuring mobile sites for ‘hero’ artists. The sites offer ringtones, TrueTones, images, biogs, lyrics, prizes and video links are coming soon. Currently through its relationship with BMG, O2 has official sites for Outkast, Faithless and Dido. This will be rapidly followed up with sites for other acts from other label partners.

Megan Forster, Music Marketing Manager, O2, comments “O2 is stepping out as the clear leader in mobile music with more music content and services on offer than any other network. This is a combination of the launch of Europe’s first mobile music downloads service and the great range of music information and downloads services offered through our O2 Active WAP service.”.

For people that prefer to store their music on a separate device, the O2 Digital Music Player (DMP) is a specially designed player that allows customers to download music onto their mobile phone and start listening in 30 seconds.  The removable SD 64MB memory card can store up to 64 tracks, and music files can be transferred to PC. The

O2 DMP can play music in aacPlus and MP3 formats. The O2 Digital Music Player works with many infrared-enabled handsets including the Nokia 7210, 7250i, 8310, 6310i, 6610, 5100 and 3650; Samsung V200 and P400; SonyEricsson T610; and Siemens SL55 and S55. 

The O2 Siemens SX1 will be available from 1 August 2004 and will cost £79.99 or will be free on selected pay monthly tariffs from O2 stores across the UK. The O2 Digital Music Player costs £99.99 or free with selected O2 pay monthly tariffs. Downloading music starts from £1 for older tracks and from £1.50 for new music.  Searching and previewing (30 seconds) tracks is completely free and standard GPRS browsing rates do not apply when using the O2 Music service.

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ADC announced today that Austrian communications company, ONE, has selected Metrica to monitor their network performance and quality of services delivered over its multi-vendor Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service (UMTS) network.

Metrica will provide ONE with a consolidated view of key performance indicators, giving the service provider comprehensive visibility of network quality and utilization.  With this information, ONE will be able to run its networks at maximum efficiency, maintaining its highly competitive service
quality while dynamically deploying capacity to match growth in demand. It will also provide the tools needed to help detect both long-term and immediate problems and distinguish between service-affecting and non-service-affecting network-quality issues.

"ONE was established several years ago as Austria's only GSM 1800 mobile operator, and, during that time, it has created a reputation for providing innovative services to over 1.5 million mobile subscribers," said David Heaps, senior vice president and general manager of the Metrica group of the Software Systems Business Unit for ADC. "We now look forward to working with ONE to achieve similar success in their UMTS business, using our Metrica solution to set new levels of quality." 

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Dilithium Networks, a leading provider of wireless multimedia solutions, today announced a major new release of its industry-leading 3G protocol analysis and test tool. The Dilithium Networks Analyzer (DNA) diagnoses, analyses and monitors all aspects of 3G video telephony calls and enables 3G operators and network equipment vendors to identify and address service issues which are critical to providing a high quality user experience and successful uptake of video telephony. The new release adds the ability to gather key performance indicators of network statistics related to video telephony.

DNA was the first 3G-324M/H.324M protocol analysis tool on the market and has established itself as the industry reference platform for compliance and interoperability testing of network equipment and terminals. It is already in use by a majority of the 3G operators including H3G, Orange, NTT DoCoMo, KTF, and SK Telecom as well as a majority of network and terminal vendors including Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, NEC, Motorola, Alcatel, Lucent, and Nortel. Operators and OEMs can use the device to test new terminals and minimise the risk of field software upgrades to ensure interoperability, reducing time to market for 3G services and equipment

Lee Ellison, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Dilithium Networks, said, “The DNA has proven itself to be an extremely valuable tool to operators and equipment vendors looking to test advanced 3G services such as video telephony, video conferencing and video mail/ video call answering. We are extending the value chain of DNA to enable operators and network suppliers to use DNA as a tool for testing video telephony network performance”

The latest release of DNA provides powerful network and protocol statistics and analysis tools for 3G video applications using the 324M protocol and covers call control, connection setup and tear down, and voice and video codec quality. DNA’s new key performance indicators can be defined for measuring the Quality of Service (QoS) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) delivery in 3 key areas: service availability & accessibility; service viability; and service quality. In addition, the latest release of the DNA includes a number of enhancements including support for H.263 Profile 3 (Annex I, J, K, T), MPEG4 error resiliency, improved logging and analysis capabilities, as well as extended support for H.245 compliance testing.

DNA conforms to 3G-324M/H.324M protocol as defined by 3GPP, 3GPP2 and FOMA, and based on the ITU-T H.324M protocol that enables conversational multimedia services over wireless networks. DNA provides terminal and network monitoring functions. In terminal mode, DNA can emulate 3G-324M terminals and be used for troubleshooting, protocol analysis, IOT, as well as end-to-end service tuning. In network monitoring mode DNA can be used to sniff the traffic between two 3G-324M terminals, analyze traffic and decode-play the media.

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