Vodafone partners with IBM to grow virtualisation services for enterprises


Vodafone has partnered with IBM to help enterprises shift their processes from premises equipment to the cloud.

The companies will offer an international service that will help companies move their VMware-based enterprise software to cloud environments across geographical boundaries.

The shift will remove the risks and costs associated with changing operations, re-architecting applications and designing new security policies, Vodafone claimed.

The partnership will extend the global footprint of both companies' cloud services to 19 countries. Enterprises will be able to benefit from lower latencies and high levels of security through a single management portal.

Vodafone said it has deployed VMware's NSX network virtualisation solution across its network to serve as a "bridge" between its and IBM's cloud.

Other advantages of the partnership, the companies claimed, include the ability to manage, deploy and scale workloads through using VMware software, access

Vodafone's connectivity and IoT solutions, and take advantage of IBM's services.

Vodafone Director of Cloud and Hosting Services Greg Hyttenrauch said: “IBM is an excellent partner for Vodafone. The combination of our network and our VMware-based Hosted Private Cloud with the global reach of IBM’s capabilities gives customers more flexibility, more choice and the possibility of a true hybrid cloud. There is no doubt in my mind that we are starting out on a long and fruitful relationship.”

Sebastian Krause, General Manager for IBM Cloud Europe, added: “The IBM Cloud is bringing expanded capabilities to Vodafone by providing its customers with quick and easy access to a variety of higher value services across a broader geographical footprint than ever before. Through this collaboration, we are further helping enterprises take advantage of the opportunity and value of cloud.”

Earlier today, Vodafone announced it had joined the Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) project, a cross-industry operation aimed at developing an open automation platform.