TIM puts 5G in the driving seat at San Marino rally


TIM is getting behind the wheel of 5G tests at San Marino's Rally Legend competition, in its latest demonstration of next generation technology.

The operator's second 5G antenna using the 3.5GHz band was switched on in the principality, following its first going live last month.

Working with Nokia on its Rally Legend showcase, the operator set up trackside 360° cameras so attendees of the competition can view the race using virtuality reality headsets.

A TIM Streaming platform will broadcast HD footage captured by in-car cameras and by stewards filming content on their smartphones. Wearable technology will also measure the health of drivers in real-time.

Nokia is using the event to demonstrate self-driving model cars that move autonomously through a test track and detect obstacles in real-time.

The latest demonstration follows TIM's recent purchase of 3.7GHz, 36GHz and 700MHz spectrum for a total of €2.4 billion in Italy's spectrum auction.

San Marino is at the centre of TIM's 5G preparations, with the operator previously saying it wanted to turn the state into an "outdoor laboratory" for the technology. It is also working in the cities of Bari and Matera on a range of 5G demonstrations.

Yesterday TIM announced it had passed 19 million homes, or 80 percent of Italy's population, with ultrafast broadband.

Around 30 major cities across the country can now tap into speeds of 1GBps and 1,800 municipalities can access 200MBps broadband.

It said 16 million kilometres of fibre has now been deployed nationwide.