Proximus opens doors to developers to play with APIs


Proximus is opening up its technologies to developers through a new portal called EnCo in a bid to create new IoT, cloud, big data and telecom service solutions.

It said in a statement: "The world is moving towards an open digital economy driven by applications, ecosystems and communities. EnCo offers a new way of collaborating with the ecosystem of digital companies by giving developers in Belgium and abroad easy access to the technologies of Proximus and its partners, thereby promoting the rapid creation of new services."

The portal operates on a freemium model that gives developers access to its APIs. Users can subscribe for free to build and test prototypes. They only pay for what they use in the production phase and can also sell or make available their own solutions to others.

Among the APIs Proximus is opening up are its Sensor as a Service package, that it said allows it to integrate the Internet of Things into a web or mobile platform.

Its Cloud Channels API is a means of integrating several solutions into one another within the cloud.

An SMS API can be used to automate appointment reminders or send and receive SMS according to a specific purpose.

The operator added: "EnCo is a contraction of Enabling and Company. Proximus wants to help companies make the shift to digitisation, to help startups develop, and to provide the necessary technologies to software vendors so that they can create new products. With EnCo, Proximus has a small, very agile structure for working with startups at their own pace."