Nokia, US Cellular demonstrate ultra-low latency 5G


Nokia and wireless carrier US Cellular have tapped 28GHz spectrum to demonstrate 5G fixed wireless with latencies of less than two milliseconds.

The test used an experimental licence handed out by US regulator the FCC and Nokia's AirScale radio platform. Six simultaneous 4K ultra-high definition videos were streamed outdoors at US Cellular's technology centre in Illinois, with data speeds reaching 5GBps.

Researchers set up a clear line of sight scenario between the base station and user equipment, before obscuring the hardware among trees and foliage, as well as placing obstacles such as dry walls, windows and metal panels along the path.

Ricky Corker, Executive Vice-President and Head of North America for Nokia, said: "Our tests show how 5G technology not only will enhance US Cellular's ongoing efforts to stay ahead of the needs of their data-hungry customers and businesses, but also create opportunities for new services requiring high bandwidth and low latency."

Also today, Ericsson announced it had hit speeds of 15GBps on a live network by partnering with Telia Company. The system used 800MHz of spectrum in the 15GHz band.

Nokia is planning to lift the lid on early findings from its 5G research project that it is holding with BT in the United Kingdom.