Microsoft buys cross-OS app development company


Microsoft has taken over an app development platform that allows developers to build cross-operating system products.

Xamarin provides developers with the chance to build apps using C# and deliver fully native apps across iOS, Android and Windows.

Developers can use Microsoft's .Net software to build apps, then use C# to deliver to a full set of native APIs across each of the smartphone operating systems.

This effectively allows developers to share app code across iOS, Android and Windows while continuing to deliver a native experience for each platform.

Xamarin boasts more than 15,000 customers across 120 countries, with companies such as Coca-Cola and JetBlue using its software. More than 1.3 million developers have used Xamarin.

It hosts thousands of cloud-based phones and devices, allowing developers to test their apps across a range of different products.

In a blog post, Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President, Cloud and Enterprise Group, Microsoft [pictured centre with Xamarin CEO Nat Friedman left; and Xamarin CTO Miguel de Icaza right], said the deal builds upon an existing relationship with the company. Xamarin is already embedded across a range of Microsoft software, allowing developers to build native cross platform apps.

He said: "As the role of mobile devices in people’s lives expands even further, mobile app developers have become a driving force for software innovation. At Microsoft, we are working to enable even greater developer opportunity and innovation by providing the best experiences to all developers, on any device, with powerful tools, an open platform and a global cloud."