LG enters processor market with Nuclun chip


LG has developed its first mobile processor, with the Category 6 Nuclun chipset being included in its new Korea-exclusive G3 Screen handset.

The Korean electronics company has been using Qualcomm chipsets to power their smartphones. The Nuclun has four ARM Cortex-A15 1.5GHz cores and four 1.2GHz cores for running less intensive tasks.

LG said the number of cores running at any one time can be adjusted according to processing or energy needs.

The chipset supports Category 6 LTE networks, which can offer users maximum download speeds of up to 225MBps, up to three times faster those of normal 4G LTE networks.

Dr. Jong-seok Park, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company, said: “Nuclun opens up a new chapter in LG’s history of innovation in the mobile industry. With this in-house solution, we will be able to achieve better vertical integration and further diversity our product strategy against stronger competition. Nuclun will give us greater flexibility in our mobile strategy going forward.”

The move brings LG in line with other manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung, who develop their own chips. It could lead LG to build its own chips into forthcoming smartphones, such as the upcoming G4.

Samsung is increasingly looking at chips to rebalance its business, as the company's market leading smartphone wing is damaged by competition from Apple and entry level Chinese companies like Xiaomi.

According to research from Strategy Analytics, LTE, 64-bit and multi-core technologies will fuel the processor market to reach €21.8 billion by 2018.

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