Actility takes LoRa smart city platform to Sweden


LPWA player Actility is working with Swedish energy company Öresundskraft to roll out a LoRa-based network in the city of Helsingborg.

The network will be located at the Helsingborg Open City Hub and will be open to all companies or consumers in the city.

Öresundskraft will be running the network as a service through Actility's ThingPark Wireless Platform and the expectation is that its model will be replicated across Sweden by StadshubbsAlliansen, which translates as City Hub Alliance.

The alliance comprises fibre network providers and will provide communication links across each of the City Hubs in future. In a statement, Actility said the alliance would deal with infrastructure issues and any urban development requirements.

Bo Lindberg, Öresundskraft’s Head of Broadband, said: “A Stadshubb is a regional LoRaWAN with an open and neutral wholesale business model for connectivity, which enables anyone who needs to communicate with LoRa sensors to do so easily, without having to build or operate their own infrastructure.

"This significantly reduces the threshold for service providers and end users to establish IoT services and solutions, thus accelerating and simplifying digitalisation in general and the development of the smart city in particular.”

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Actility CEO Olivier Hersent added: “An Open City Hub creates significant benefits for companies, residents and society in the region. It simplifies connectivity and enables key services, underpinned by secure LoRaWAN communication powered by ThingPark Wireless, delivering data to its owners’ cloud applications through a common horizontal infrastructure available to all on equal terms.”