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Mobile Europe: Upcoming Features - Aug/Sept 2012



We will be covering the following key industry topics in the Aug/Sept 2012 issue of Mobile Europe...
Mobile Marketing
What are the technologies that could forward increased customer engagement in mobile marketing?
How can they be integrated in operators' current mobile marketing platforms and approaches?
What operator successes and failures have we seen?
Are operators in a position to harness or partner with the best solutions on the market?
WiFi For All
Carrier WiFi hit the headlines at the start of the year, as Ericsson bought BelAir Networks, and other vendors announced integrated WiFi/cellular products. But what is the role of carrier WiFi, does such a concept need to exist?
What products are on the market?
What relationships are forming?
What is the use of standards such as ANDSF?
Fad, fashion, or permanent fixture?
Mobile Payments
It's an incredibly fast moving landscape, with myriad alliances and partnerships, so how do things stand in mid-2012?
What are the services, who is offering them, what is coming down the line?
How should operators react to, and shape, this developing landscape?
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