Actix launches new Global Professional Services Organisation


Actix, the specialist in Network Status Management (NSM) technologies for mobile operators, has launched a Professional Services Organisation (PSO) dedicated to helping mobile operators manage complex problems in their radio networks. 

The Actix PSO team will comprise a group of radio experts, systems architecture specialists and project managers, and will be available on a global basis.  Customers of Actix, who include many of the world's largest and most advanced mobile carriers, will be able to call on the services of the Actix PSO team to assist in solving complex network roll-out and on-going management problems, as well as NSM implementation projects.

The launch of the PSO team is a major step for Actix in the transition to the next phase of wireless network evolution. Already acknowledged throughout the wireless industry for its radio engineering and diagnostic expertise, Actix has taken the lead in supplying NSM systems to the mobile communications industry. The creation of the PSO will provide a new level of partnership with the world's leading mobile operators to allow delivery and support of those systems in a collaborative and structured manner.

"Mobile operators throughout the world are under immense pressure to deliver highly optimized networks to support customer experience expectations at minimal cost" explained Chris Larmour, Actix' Chief Marketing Office. "Actix' systems have proven to be invaluable in helping them walk the tightrope of low cost and high performance, and our customers wanted to access to the deep expertise of our engineering staff as well. To support them we have formed Actix' Professional Services Organisation, and we foresee this team growing to become a major part of our business in a very short space of time."

The Actix PSO team, led by Robert McKellar as Global Professional Services Director, will work both directly with customers and through partners to ensure customers get the right level of support. The Actix PSO team will bring proven methodologies and a comprehensive set of technical capabilities to projects, allowing the rapid deployment of Actix systems, and expert advice on the identification and elimination of radio network performance issues.  Typical projects that will be undertaken by the Actix PSO will include NSM implementation projects, cluster optimisation, frequency revisions and capital planning. As well as delivering the deep technical expertise for these projects, Actix will also provide the project management skills including detailed reporting systems to show progress to customers on problem elimination. Robert McKellar joins Actix from Amdocs, and has 20 years experience delivering Enterprise solutions to blue chip companies.

The Actix PSO team will use the full array of Actix diagnostic products and systems to support customers, including its industry leading NSM suite.  The team will also have access to proprietary intellectual property not normally available outside Actix, and will assist customers in creating full NSM solutions that deliver long term customer value.  Such solutions will enable mobile operators to maintain a consistently high state of network readiness and availability.

To create the PSO, Actix has sourced some of the most experienced people in the industry. Each member of the team brings considerable skill and experience, typically with a deep understanding of radio network performance and insights into how to get the most out of existing equipment.  In early engagements, Actix' PSO has been able to help mobile operators reduce the time taken for by areas of the performance engineering function by over 40 percent.