Blyk goes live with First Hop Wireless Broker


Blyk, the new mobile network for 16- to 24-year-olds that announced the launch of its UK service yesterday, is operating  the First Hop Wireless Broker suite.

Blyk is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that links young people with brands of their choice and gives them free text messages and talk time every month. It operates the First Hop Wireless Broker suite including the Ad-Gateway that enables targeted, personalised ad insertion using messaging, multimedia push, and browsing services.

First Hop has had a significant role in building its unique service delivery platform designed to deliver a free mobile phone service for young consumers in return for their interaction with relevant brand advertising. First Hop's experience in building service delivery platforms to over 60 mobile operators worldwide enabled it to offer Blyk a robust campaign management and ad-insertion solution.

Pekka Ala-Pietilä, CEO for Blyk said: "We have spent the last year developing a unique, robust advertising content engine, and whilst the technology we are using is incredibly advanced, the main premise of Blyk is driven by three basic principles - ease of use, interaction, and relevance of communication."

Kaj Hagros, VP Marketing & Business Development at First Hop commented: "We are thrilled to see Blyk's disruptive concept reaching this stage. Everyone will eye its success very carefully and we believe Blyk will launch the industry into a whole new era of profoundly personalised and targeted services. Mobile operators have not fully exploited the true potential of their subscriber data, let alone this advertising model. We are excited to see Blyk lead the way", he added.

First Hop believes mobile devices have the potential to become the preferred digital marketing channel, with promotion and advertising being targeted at a single user level. Advertisers will fund the air time knowing they will reach their desired target segments with a precision that could never be attained in mass marketing or direct campaigns.