Unipier Makes Personalized and Dynamic Mobile Marketing Campaigns a Reality with Release of Unipier Campaign


Mobile Operators Now Able to Create and Execute Branded Campaigns to Targeted Individuals and Subscriber Segments

Unipier, a leading provider of innovative mobile service delivery architecture and products, has announced the availability of the latest addition to its product line, Unipier Campaign Manager.

Unipier Campaign Manager, which has already been successfully implemented at a major tier-one operator in Europe, enables the rapid creation and execution of low cost dynamic marketing campaigns and promotions that yield high hit rates. It allows operators to easily update campaign messages, target specific user groups, control delivery frequency and schedule promotion activity. Advanced monitoring, statistics and reporting features enable operators to fine tune campaigns in real-time.

Operators are able to take advantage of the multi-channel delivery opportunities to significantly increase the offerings provided to subscribers and to up-sell and cross-sell existing mobile data services, reducing customer churn and increasing ARPU.

"With the number of wireless subscribers forecast to grow to more than 2 billion by 2008, the proliferation of mobile devices and growth in subscribers opens up a key new marketing front for operators," said Gabby Levy, CEO of Unipier. "Unipier Campaign Manager enables mobile operators to improve service traction and subscriber satisfaction with personalized and targeted offerings, while growing revenues from increased usage.”

The Unipier Campaign Manager provides the following key elements:

Easy-to-Use Online Point-and-Click Interface
An easy-to-use, online point-and-click interface enables operators to rapidly develop and deliver campaigns that automatically match subscriber usage patterns with content and promotions tailored for their specific needs. Unipier Campaign Manager offers a single point of control allowing operators to segment, optimize and fine-tune promotions to maximize results.

Multi-Channel Support for Enhanced Message Delivery
Unipier Campaign Manager supports mobile marketing activities, including:

Compelling multi-channel push campaigns, with rapid broadcast of SMS, MMS and i-mode messages and notifications

Unique WAP in-session browsing campaigns, with context-sensitive insertion of splash screens, inline promotion banners, sponsored links, interstitial tailored advertisements and while waiting notifications

Monitoring and Analysis for Campaign Fine-Tuning

Unipier Campaign Manager gives marketers full visibility to campaign results, based on real-time response analysis and comprehensive reporting for accurate results measurement. Based on these results, operators are able to research, test, fine-tune and launch new campaigns increasing market and revenue opportunities.

List Management and User Privacy Rules
Unipier Campaign Manager takes both operator marketing considerations and user privacy into account by empowering users to opt-in and opt-out of campaigns through built-in list managers and by enabling operator marketers to set transmit rate rules.

Real-Time Event-Based Campaign Execution
With Unipier Campaign Manager, event-based campaigns react in real-time to user context triggers. Leveraging the system's constant monitoring of user actions, profile, past behavior and physical location, marketers can create dynamic, real-time targeted campaigns with messages that may contain text, images and links to other services. The campaigns can be delivered at a defined time or simultaneously via multiple channels.