Nokia provides Series 40 developers with the first official guide


Includes 11 complete example apps with downloadable source code

Nokia today announced publication of the second book in its Nokia Mobile Developer Series, "Developing Scalable Series 40 Applications," which provides a thorough examination of Nokia's Developer Platform for Series 40 devices. The book is written primarily for Java Platform developers and includes server code examples for complete end-to-end development.

Developing Scalable Series 40 Applications is the second book in the series of practical, in-depth guides in the Nokia Mobile Developer Series from Forum Nokia. Written by Michael Juntao Yuan and Kevin Sharp, two expert mobile technology writers, and published by Addison Wesley, the book is the first official end-to-end solutions guide for Nokia Series 40 developers. It focuses on application development guidelines, tools and best practices using the Series 40 platform.
"With Series 40 devices constituting a large majority of the more than 100 million developer platform devices shipped annually, developers seeking access to the enormous global platform represented  by Series 40 and the Java Platform will now be assisted by centralized, documented information published in this practical, in-depth book," said Lee Epting, Vice President of Forum Nokia.
"Knowledge of the Series 40 developer platform can be applied to the Java environment on all Nokia developer platform devices and is therefore crucial to developers' achieving success in the commercial market," Epting said.
Developing Scalable Series 40 Applications covers the entire Series 40 platform development process - from design and coding through testing and deployment - and includes eleven complete example applications including downloadable client and server source code for kick-starting projects. The book also explores the technical underpinnings of Series 40,  a Developer Platform that delivers color displays, Java(TM) programmability, and multimedia messaging to the mass market. It includes a review of crucial architectural issues, introduction of key mobile design patterns, discussion of scalability, device optimization strategies and many never-before published best practices and tips for Series 40 platform developers.

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