Jabra Takes Headsets to the Next Level and Releases Industry's Most Advanced Bluetooth Headset


Jabra BT800 is the first to combine caller ID display, built-in ring tones, vibrator alert and DSP technology for ultimate convenience and superior sound quality

Jabra, a leading brand of hands-free communication products for the mobile consumer market, is announcing the shipment of its latest Jabra Bluetooth product, the Jabra BT800 - the industry’s most advanced Bluetooth headset. The Jabra BT800 combines more features than any other headset and sets the standard for future headsets by incorporating many of the same standard features normally accessed via a mobile phone directly into the headset.

The Jabra BT800 combines unique Over-the-Ear headset design with cutting-edge technology including a backlit LCD display, call vibrate feature, a variety of ring tones and digital signal processing (DSP) technology for improved sound quality and clarity. The headset also features a jog wheel for volume control and menu navigation, a mute button, and USB connectivity for charging directly from a PC. The enhanced functionality gives users added convenience and freedom from their phone.

The LCD display is a complete information source for the headset and provides caller ID and a menu for access to the battery status, a call list, and settings for selecting ring tones, ring type, language, the light on the display and Bluetooth connection. The caller ID feature is especially convenient for users who wish to see who is calling when they are not wearing the headset or between calls. When working in an office, for example, and the headset is in a user’s pocket or on a desk, they can easily see who is calling. The LCD display for caller ID on the headset means that users will always know who’s calling without having to look at their phone.

“The Jabra BT800 Bluetooth headset enables users to do more with their headset than ever before, and is designed for people who want to own the very latest in headset design and innovation,” said Ben Bushell, country manager, Jabra UK and Ireland. We believe the Jabra BT800 is well positioned to provide a state-of-the art headset solution for customers who want the most functionality available.”

The Jabra BT800 is also the first Bluetooth headset to feature a fully-integrated DSP solution. By integrating the DSP together within the Bluetooth chipset, the Jabra BT800 is able to take advantage of new patent-pending DSP technology resulting in enhanced audio performance. The additional proprietary software programming within the DSP solution enables an overall improvement in the sound quality through reducing background noise and automatically adjusting the volume control when in noisy surroundings such as in a car, airport, busy office or on a train.

“By adding DSP technology, The Jabra BT800 offers superior sound quality by significantly reducing interference from troublesome background noises such as traffic or in-car noise. The headset continually adjusts the volume level based on the ambient background noise, resulting in the incoming voice coming through much clearer. In addition, since the headset digitally improves the signal, both the headset user and the personal at the other end can hear the person they are speaking to much better,” said Niels-Henrik Valentin Knudsen, senior product manager, Jabra.   

The Jabra BT800 features are easy to use and access, and are similar to the operation of a mobile phone. Just four controls; the mute button, jog wheel, call ‘Answer’ and ‘End’ buttons provide access to all the functionality offered by the headset. The jog wheel can be used as a volume control during a call or for scrolling through menu functions in standby mode. Users can also select from five ring tones in the headset, or use the call-vibrate feature so calls can be silently detected. The LCD display allows users to view either the name or number of the caller depending on the mobile phone and is placed on the inside of the headset ensuring privacy during the conversation. The display also offers information in multiple languages including English, German, French and Spanish.