mBlox unveils premium transaction tracking which improves message delivery success and increases mobile messaging profitability


mBlox announces the latest product enhancement to its Premium SMS service in the United Kingdom, called Premium Transaction Tracking (PTT). PTT delivers the ability to report operator error codes in broader, ubiquitous terms. PTT is designed to simplify the complex and changing transaction status info operators provide as well as deliver practical information which clients can utilise to reduce the number of failed messages and maintain their databases.

The benefits of mBlox's Premium Transaction Tracking extend to both mBlox's clients and the operators. The major benefits from our clients' perspective are increased revenue and lower costs. Equipped with insight into why messages have failed, clients can set up their applications to: increase the success billing ratio; minimise unnecessary message retries; reduce redundant system load; maintain current subscriber data. Overall, better insight not only saves companies time and money but enables companies to better manage mobile messaging campaigns. From the operators' perspective, more efficient message delivery means lower levels of non-billable traffic. 

Andrew Bud, Executive Chair of mBlox, commented, "We are very pleased with the value Premium Transaction Tracking will offer clients. As a pure-play aggregator mBlox is focused on removing the complexities inherent in message transport. Premium Transaction Tracking is an example of how mBlox's focus on details and service provides bottom-line value to clients."

Stephen Wood, Product Development Manager at mBlox, said "mBlox perceived a clear need by content and application service providers to have discrete, detailed information in order to better metric their campaign performance.  PTT gives companies unprecedented insight into their messaging campaigns and enables them to clean up their databases, retry messages according to an appropriate schedule, and most importantly, immediately increase their success billing ratio."