Tecnomen introduces video mail


Tecnomen is introducing its NGM Video Mail service at
3GSM World Congress. This service allows video callers to
leave video messages for one another when the recipient
is busy, not replying or unavailable.

The basic functionality of Video Mail service is very
similar to Voice Mail. The unanswered call is forwarded
to the Video Mail service and the caller sees the
subscriber's personalised video greeting and can leave a
video message. However, advanced services and
capabilities, such as personalisation, enhance its
usability beyond traditional messaging.

The Video mail service is based on Tecnomen's eZONER NGM
platform, an all-IP open standards-based solution for
advanced messaging service deployment. The incoming call
is terminated with H.324M video gateway, which further
connects to the video mail server with VoIP protocol. The
video gateway can also be used to route the incoming
video call to fixed network video terminals and standard
PCs equipped with video call software.

The Video Mail service can also be launched as a
subscriptionless Video Mail on-demand service for those
subscribers who do not have their own permanent video
mailbox. In this case the message will be stored in a
temporary mailbox and after the message has been
retrieved, the temporary mailbox will be removed from the

Network elements

The system comprises the following network elements,
based on open, industry-standard interfaces:

· 3G H.324.M Video gateway
· Tecnomen eZONER NGM Telco Server
· Tecnomen eZONER NGM Messaging Application Server
· Tecnomen eZONER NGM Common Message Storage

A key benefit of the Video Mail Service is Universal
Access to messages with various fixed and wireless
terminals basically anytime from any location. From the
office, users can access their voice and video messages
using their e-mail clients, such as Microsoft Outlook or
Lotus Notes. Out of the office it is possible to use
standard web browsers, or users own mobile terminals.

Another key element in personalised messaging is
notification of incoming messages. The Tecnomen eZONER
NGM notification engine provides users with several ways
to be notified of incoming messages according to their
personal preferences, via SMS, MMS, WAP push or via e-

A further ability to manage profiles solves the problem
that in business use, the need for different service
configuration can change several times a day. This means
that a user can build varying service profiles for
varying situations, a profile for vacation and a profile
for time at work.

Operator and service provider benefits

 Increased Revenue - turns non-profitable failed
  calls to profitable ones, as does Voice Mail.
· Seamless Co-existence - Tecnomen NGM platform
  provides seamless coexistence with Tecnomen eZONER
  platform providing solid, cost-effective growth path for
  future messaging services, such as Video Mail.
· Open standard based technology - Tecnomen eZONER
  NGM's modular system structure ensures a risk-free
  investment for operators. Every system component can be
  updated or replaced without expensive migrations.
· Improved customer loyalty

And for the end user...

· Enables users to be reachable anywhere and anytime.
· Universal access allows usability of services with
  various terminals basically anytime, from any location.
  It enables integration of different roles of people
  (home, work) and gives tools to handle personal
  communication regardless of the terminal used.
· High level of personalisation enhancing efficiency
  and usability of the service.

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