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Amdocs to fine tune Vodafone Spain’s app infrastructure to mesh with 5G networks 


CRM must run smoother and give better customer experience the operator says.

Software and services specialist Amdocs has been commissioned to help Vodafone Spain with a major software infrastructure challenge in its Tech 2025 modernisation. Its mission is to future-proof and modernise Vodafone Spain’s application infrastructure. Integration of legacy apps such as customer relationship managers (CRMs) are a major hurdle to bringing out 5G’s fullest efficiency and performance.

Vodafone is demanding operational efficiencies that will cut the cost of ownership while making CRM do more to improve the customer experiences.

Vodafone Restructuring

In July Vodafone Spain announced that its CTO Ismael Asenjo was leaving in as the operator performs a group wide restructure. 

Amdocs has also been selected by the Vodafone Group to update its inventory and OSS functions in order to support mobile, fixed and cable offerings in Germany, Romania and Czech Republic.

In May 2021 Amdocs announced that it was working with Microsoft to support the migration by mobile operators to the cloud, with Azure. 

As part of the deal, Amdocs’ open portfolio must create an underlying application infrastructure to eliminate the glitches involved when porting Vodafone Spain CRM systems onto cloud systems with virtualised and decoupled software functions.

Cut cost of running CRM

The commission of Amdocs follows a successful Unified Digital Engagement project and the two are expected to work hand-in-hand on the modernisation mission, which has the brief of cutting the telco’s total cost of ownership (TCO).

“Vodafone’s Tech 2025 strategy is to ensure infrastructure and applications are reliable and modernised, in order to provide outstanding service to our consumer and enterprise customers,” said a Vodafone Spain spokesperson. “We’re delighted to have Amdocs to support the future of exciting, innovative new services in the 5G era.”

Customer experience is big differentiator

All mobile operators are rushing to transform their business, prepare for new services and monetisation opportunities in the 5G and cloud era and improve the customer experience, according to Anthony Goonetilleke, group president of Media, Network and Technology, Amdocs. “We are pleased to continue working alongside Vodafone Spain in its modernisation journey,” said Goonetilleke.

Amdocs had revenue of $4.2 billion in fiscal 2020.