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Telefónica, Red Hat and IBM team up to offer clients hybrid cloud


The operator and IBM have announced Cloud Garden 2.0, the next phase of Telefonica’s cloud services platform designed to modernise applications.

Telefónica's cloud services are part of the company's strategy for the business market and its digital transformation under the Telefónica Empresas brand, which offers businesses connectivity, cloud, IoT, security, big data and digital workplace.
Cloud Garden 2.0 is built on IBM’s Cloud Pak and Red Hat’s OpenShift.

Telefónica’s clients can now run containerised applications on premises or in the cloud of their choosing, as well as simplify and speed how they bring new solutions to market.

The insurance consortium Information Technologies and Networks for Insurance Entities (TIREA) has developed a new, customer-facing application based on Cloud Garden 2.0 to help accelerate the digital transformation of the insurance sector.

Spanish market

According to a recent IBM study, Spanish executives are increasingly embracing the modernisation of architecture as part of digital transformation. In the next two years, 68% said they will prioritise digital transformation and 82% that they will make cloud computing a priority.

They also foresee that in the next two years they will apply automation technologies to all business functions, but especially in purchasing, risks, supply chain and R&D.
According to Telefónica, the Cloud Garden 2.0 platform enables clients across industries to reduce the complexity of their development process and get services to market faster, via any on-premises or cloud environment.

By integrating IBM Cloud Pak, clients can include a series of programs to ease the transition to cloud-native development environments, such as MongoDB, Red Hat JBoss, Red Hat AMQ, IBM WebSphere Liberty and Redis, among others.

Acceleration of cloudification

Cloud Garden 2.0 is hosted via Telefonica’s Virtual Data Center in Spain.

"We are very pleased to have been able to count on the right partners to accelerate our hybrid cloud strategy and offer our clients the speed, flexibility and decision-making power they need to modernize and quickly launch innovative digital services to their users and customers," said Andrés López Hedoire, de Enterprise Product Marketing Director, Telefónica España.

Cloud Garden 2.0 is hosted via Telefonica’s Virtual Data Center in Spain, helping its clients experience low-latency connectivity and better uptime for running and managing their applications.