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Deutsche Telekom to take on T-Systems’ corporate telco operations


Deutsche Telekom plans to move corporate telecoms clients from its T-Systems division into the main company, Reuters reports.

T-Systems CEO, Adel Al-Saleh, said T-Systems’ future would be as “an integrated end-to-end IT player and reliable enabler for our clients’ digitisation”.

"We plough on"

Al-Saleh took the helm  in 2018 to curb losses at T-Systems, which launched in 2000. He has already reduced T-Systems' German headcount by 5,600, closed several local offices and hired 3,000 offshore software staff, reports say.

“We plough on,” Al-Saleh is quoted as saying at briefing in Bonn, when asked about the progress of the company restructure.

“We now have a portfolio that is fit for the marketplace - and the marketplace is changing dramatically,” he added. “In reality, your transformation never stops.”