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EE caves into pressure and launches unlimited data plans


UK operator launches new 4G and 5G unlimited data handset and SIM plans from £34 per month.

EE launched 5G services just ahead of Vodafone in the UK, with tiered pricing, depending on download limits. Vodafone undermined EE's initial 5G offer by launching unlimited data plans and no premium for 5G services over 4G days later. Vodafone has three-tier pricing, depending on speed, from 2Mps to the fastest the network and device can deliver.

Three UK launched 5G service in London earlier this month with unlimited data and no speed restrictions.

The EE unlimited 5G Smart handset plans and 5G Smart SIM plans come with three Swappable benefits: Amazon Prime Video, BT Sport App (HDR) access and Roam Further Pass access, which is says are worth more than £25 a month. Customers can swap them online or via the My EE app.

The plans include two Swappable benefits and the unlimited plans do not have a speed cap.

To encourage take-up

Customers with an unlimited 5G Smart smartphone plan will be able “to choose from the widest range of 5G smartphones available from any UK network”, EE stated, starting from £69 per month. Presumably to encourage 5G take-up, the 4G equivalent starts at £64 per month.

The new SIM-only deals look out of synch with the market though at £44 a month versus £30 from Vodafone and £22 from Three, with Telefonica/O2 yet to announce pricing.

EE’s unlimited plans come with a 100GB monthly giftable data allowance, so customers can gift data to additional lines linked to the account. This increases to 120GB of giftable data with the 5G Smart handset plan.

Unlimited data plan customers can also Upgrade Anytime to the latest smartphone models before the end of their contract.

Those on a pay monthly Smart handset plan bought directly from EE get the new EE Service Packs which includes a customer handset lifetime guarantee and annual device and account ‘MOT’ (the obligatory annual safety check for UK cars).

It will be interesting to see if and how BT/EE react to Vodafone's second move to disrupt the 5G market – its converged play bundling fixed broadband and 5G, right ahead of Three launch.