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Telefónica Spain taps Nokia’s Deepfield for automation


Telefónica Spain is using Nokia’s Deepfield Cloud Intelligence analytics solution to gain a deeper knowledge of network and service performance.

Nokia says its Deepfield tool will equip Telefónica Spain with “previously unattainable visibility” into application and service traffic on its network. This allows operators to manage capacity using data analytics and insights to improve service assurance and performance.


Cloud applications and services make up more than 60% of global network traffic today, according to Nokia.

The vendor says that until now, providers have had very limited insight into application traffic running on their networks or the impact network performance has on end-user applications and subscriber experience.

Another challenge is the growth in video content consumption. According to Spanish regulator regulator CNMC, three out of ten households consume online content, and there are approximately 5.9 million online video subscribers in the country.

Telefónica has an automation strategy to tackle these challenges, and the use of Nokia’s Deepfield software is part of this.

Achieving automation

Nokia Deepfield provides Telefónica with a view of each network path and the aggregated traffic running to and through it with Nokia's unique Cloud Genome technology, which tracks more than 50,000 popular cloud applications and over-the-top services.

The insights allow network engineers to quickly adapt to changes in application demand and fluctuating traffic patterns by supporting advanced IP network engineering and assurance use cases with automation.

Javier Gutiérrez, Director of Strategy and Network and IT Development at Telefónica Spain, said, "Telefónica is transforming its IP network (Fusión) to introduce automation capabilities. A detailed knowledge of network and service performance, in real-time, is required to truly achieve the benefits of automation.

"The Nokia Deepfield solution gives us the necessary network visibility and actionable analytics that will allow us to automate our operations and continue to improve our network and service capabilities."