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Telefónica UK SOCs it to the NOC for customer experience


Telefónica is evolving its UK NOC (network operations centre) into a SOC (service operations centre) using automation to improve customer experience.

The plan is to improve customer experience by automatically finding and fixing potential problems before they occur.

Telefónica UK will use Nokia's evolved Service Operation Center (eSOC) platform to support its goal to transform from network-centric operations towards customer-centric operations.

The Nokia eSOC Platform, which enables automation through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), will interface with Telefónica UK systems and data sources, allowing the operator to proactively monitor and enhance individual customer experiences and services in real time, the companies say.

Using analytics on the services provided via the network, Telefónica be able to anticipate incidents and identify proactive actions. 

Nokia's SOC Office consultancy will support Telefónica through the process reengineering required for SOC-enabled business transformation.

Automating experience management

Juan Manuel Caro, director of network and IT operations at global CTIO at Telefónica, said, “Telefónica has always aimed to offer the best possible experience to our customers which a reactive network monitoring approach to operations could never guarantee.

With SOC we have already transformed this in three of our markets reaching the next level in automated customer experience management, granting us flexibility and adaptability that serves as a key differentiator. Nokia's solutions and services will allow us to achieve this goal in a competitive market like the UK.”

In 2017, Telefónica deployed SOCs in Chile, Argentina and Germany using Huawei’s Smart SOC solution.