Telia, Ericsson bring commercialised 5G platform to Swedish uni


Telia Company and Ericsson have opened Sweden's first 5G network using standardised radio and core products and serving as a testbed for enterprises and academics.

The trial platform is located at the KTH Campus in Stockholm. It is part of an ongoing cooperations between Ericsson and Telia Company. It follows Telia Estonia's partnership with the Swedish vendor in September at the Tallinn University of Technology.

The KTA Campus is already exploring the likes of autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things, smart buildings and cities, industrial automation and virtual reality.

Johan Dennelind, President and CEO, Telia Company, said: "This is going to be a truly dynamic test environment where not only large businesses and entrepreneurs from our partnership program, but also researchers and students, can continue to develop solutions for the connected society so that Sweden can remain at the forefront when 5G is launched commercially in 2020.

Professor Jan Gulliksen, Vice President for Digitalisation at KTH, says: “To be the first university in Sweden with a 5G network is a fantastic opportunity for us at KTH.

"It gives our researchers, teachers and students a lead when it comes to understanding and developing this new technology before commercial deployment.

"This is exactly the sort of collaboration that is so very important in stimulating research-driven innovation.”

Earlier this week, Telia Company introduced an autonomous robot to Helsinki airport, which will be used to serve passengers and oversee operations.

It also recently established two separate 5G testbeds in Finland for industrial and energy companies.