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KPN, T-Mobile deemed best networks in the Netherlands


KPN and T-Mobile have been dubbed the joint leaders in the Dutch mobile market, with a new report saying there is little to separate them.

Consultants Omnitele carried out research into network quality in the Netherlands during February.

T-Mobile was deemed the best performing network for mobile voice, with a call success rate of 99.7 percent. It also scored highest for voice-audio quality and had the shortest call setup time at 5.2 seconds.

Vodafone had the lowest call success rate, at 99 percent, although Omnitele noted it was still on par with industry standards. Tele2 had the lowest quality voice call and the longest call setup times.

T-Mobile and KPN scored equally well for mobile data performance with 0.1 seconds between them when it came to time to content values for web browsing, Facebook and Twitter. Both operators had a substantial lead over Vodafone and Tele2.

The Netherlands benefits from a widespread LTE market. KPN leads, with 99.8 percent, followed by Vodafone (99.4 percent), T-Mobile (99.2 percent) and Tele2 (98.7 percent).

However, Omnitele said T-Mobile and Tele2 had a notable decrease in data quality in rural areas although it said this did not cause a "major" impact on customer experience.

In a statement, it said: "Based on the observed results – and within the time and location context of the benchmark campaign – KPN and T-Mobile score slightly higher than Vodafone and Tele2. The difference between KPN and T-Mobile varies among test cases and is generally too narrow to conclude a clear winner. Vodafone is not far behind KPN and TMobile. Tele2’s Achilles heel is the mobile data customer experience, which is hindered by accessibility issues."