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Nokia showcases LTE-enabled drones for smart cities


Nokia has demonstrated how LTE can enable drones to operate safely within modern smart cities.

The vendor held the demo at the Drones for Good Award event in Dubai this week. Nokia used LTE network technology along with a mobile edge computing platform. The drones feature an LTE dongle, GPS and access modules for telemetry data.

By using this solution, agencies can monitor airspace, and view and control flight paths, establish no-fly zones and transfer telemetry data. Nokia has also built a mobile app for a drone pilot to operate the craft.

Nokia said a range of sectors, including healthcare, logistics, agriculture, news and entertainment, can benefit from drones. However, the centralised management and monitoring of drones is a challenge for governments and aviation authorities.

Joachim Wuilmet, Head of Customer Marketing and Communications, Middle East and Africa at Nokia, said: "LTE enables innovative high-bandwidth services for the telecom industry and beyond. With market-leading LTE expertise, Nokia's UTM concept for operators and authorities can enable the safe operation of drones as part of the development of smart cities in UAE and around the globe. Nokia innovations such as this are well aligned with our vision to expand the human possibilities of technology in the connected world."

Amer Abdulraoof, Deputy Coordinator General of the UAE Drones For Good Award, said: "We believe that Nokia's technology will help unlock the multifold possibilities of drones technology, ensuring the safe and secure operation of drones across industry sectors."

Last summer, Nokia deployed drones to manage the inspection of du's network in the Middle East.