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Huawei aims to simplify enterprise Wi-Fi with new Agile Distributed solution


Huawei has revealed a new Wi-Fi solution that it claims increases capacity and speeds, as well as simplifying device management.

The vendor said its Agile Distributed Wi-Fi Solution could help the likes of hotels, hospitals and universities, which have to cope with a large number of network access points (AP).

The solution has a three layer architecture, compared to the traditional two, comprised access control, a central access point and remote radio units (RRU).

The central AP helps reduce the number of management nodes required and processes services, configurations and roaming. By distributing RRUs into rooms through cables, Huawei claimed it can connect up to 80 users per room, compared to the usual 32. Speeds are doubled to 20MBps.

Huawei said a single access point can connect up to 48 rooms, which reduces the number of configuration nodes required.

The solution helps to cope with the tenfold increase in devices connected to Wi-Fi networks during the past five years, Huawei claimed. Given the growth of indoor traffic, it helps avoid weak signal coverage that can occur when signals try to punch indoors.

Jane Fu, Director of WLAN Product, Switch & Enterprise Communications Product Line, Huawei, said: “With greater demand for mobile connectivity, Huawei is helping enterprises increase the range, reliability and performance of their wireless network infrastructure to drive operational efficiency and enhance consumer engagement.

“Leveraging an innovative architecture, Huawei’s Agile Distributed Wi-Fi Solution helps enterprises solve Wi-Fi network capacity, coverage and performance challenges while simplifying network management without adding costs.”