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NGMN and ATIS sign co-op agreement on 5G


The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) and the Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance have signed a co-op agreement on 5G.

The two organisations will work together to help overcome issues stemming from 5G with the view of helping the technology come to market on time.

Susan Miller, President and CEO of ATIS, said: “Advancing the network toward to its 5G future will only be accomplished through collaboration. ATIS sees its agreement with NGMN as important to its leadership role in delivering 5G requirements focused on the North American market and contributing them to global efforts. 

“The goal is to deliver the long-promised convergence of all services onto a common framework, with corresponding enhancements to efficiency, security and service velocity.”

Peter Meissner, CEO of the NGMN, said that the work undertaken would build upon the 5G whitepaper published by the group this year, which provides guidelines for operators on the end-to-end requirements of 5G platforms.

Deutsche Telekom completed field trials of self-interference cancellation (SIC) technology this week, which the NGMN whitepaper identifies as a building block for 5G.

Meissner said: “The NGMN 5G White Paper and the newly launched 5G work-programme provide essential guidance in terms of end-to-end requirements and our vision for 2020 and beyond. We are looking forward to a close co-operation with ATIS to ensure broad, international support of NGMN’s ambitious targets for the benefit of the whole industry."