VIDEO: IoT can transform enterprise use cases, says Proximus


The Internet of Things can revolutionise how businesses operate by opening up new revenue streams, Proximus has claimed.

In an exclusive interview with Mobile Europe at its recent IoT in Telecoms conference, Vincent Hebbelynck, Head of Technology Incubation and Corporate Venturing, said its LoRa network, which launched three years ago, was helping enterprises to think differently.

He gave the example of a gas supplier who, after fitting sensors to its residential tanks, was able to offer a utility service ensuring the tanks were never allowed to go empty and were filled when required.

He said: "This is a use case that changed the business model of the customer."

Elsewhere, Hebbelynk discussed which businesses were proving trickier to sell Internet of Things solutions into and his views on the variety of different IoT technologies.

You can watch the video in full below and check out our YouTube channel to watch further videos from the event, featuring presentations and discussions from operators including Orange, TIM and Vodafone.