The future of mobile access hangs in the balance as operators look to HetNets to increase coverage and capacity where it’s needed most: in large metro areas, high-traffic buildings and public venues. Small Cells, Big Challenge: A Definitive Guide to Designing and Deploying HetNets takes an in-depth look at fast-changing HetNet market dynamics, deployment plans and challenges, and evolving best practices for optimising quality of experience (QoE). This step-by-step guide to validating HetNets helps assure success.

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The coming challenge for Wi-Fi offload is to provide a converged network solution for a seamless, transparent and better user experience. The user will not have to interact with its smartphone or mobile device in any way to switch from 3G/LTE to Wi-Fi. The data stream will even be able to use both connections at the same time depending on QoS requirements.

This short guide explores the technical aspects of Wi-Fi offload architecture and its related capabilities. It is presenting the different types of possible integration into existing mobile networks to provide a viable and efficient way to offload subscriber traffic. It concludes with an overview on testing methods.

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Legacy networks are buckling under the stress of new, bandwidth-hungry services, while real estate and power costs are higher than ever. To remain profitable, every operator must now do more with less.It is clear that network modernization is an imperative for operators to weather this technological and financial “perfect storm”. Applying in-depth consultancy, Ciena consultants ensure that modernization of legacy infrastructure is primed and ready for the high-bandwidth future and, more importantly, will remain upgradable as part of a continual process that retains and reinforces sound business value.

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The deployment of small cell base stations has been challenged by a number of constraints, of which the cost of backhaul is among the most important. Without cost effective backhaul, it is too expensive to deploy small cells to address the growing demand for mobile data traffic which is being fueled by advances in mobile computing devices. In fact, the entire heterogeneous network architecture concept of multi-technology large and small cells working in unison to meet the throughput and performance metrics demanded by mobile subscribers will not be realized if the backhaul puzzle is not solved.

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Small Cell base stations (SCBS) are widely recognized as a solution to the insatiable demand for mobile data traffic which has been about doubling every year. Mobile traffic is expected to reach 10.8 exabytes per month in 2016 from 0.6 exabytes per month in 20111. The macro-cellular architecture where base station antennas are mounted on building rooftops has served the purpose of providing mobile voice service very well.

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