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This white paper presents a review of numerous independent research studies that show that tactile feedback (haptics) can be used to:

• Provide a new way to interact with phones and network services that can be as powerful and useful as the sense of touch itself

• Improve user performance (speed and accuracy) and reduce complication and stress

• Increase user satisfaction, because people prefer tactile feedback in their mobile phone interactions

• Enhance the subscriber experience by making phones more intuitive and usable and services more satisfying and sticky

Reducing the complexities of product lifecycle management is a key challenge for operators who are looking to be more innovative in the way they combine underlying network and service capabilities, in order to provide blended, tailored packages which are in tune with customer preferences.

A new report from analyst firm Juniper Research predicts that Broadcast Mobile TV will reach revenues of $11.7bn worldwide by 2011. Japan is predicted to lead the market with revenues reaching $2.9bn and the US will follow closely at $1.8bn. The UK is also predicted to be a key market at $989m.

This whitepaper outlines many of the key issues and numbers contained in the full report, which is available from Juniper Research.

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