BroadHop announces 'first' virtualized Policy Management solution available for Cisco Unified Computing System


BroadHop, a specialist in policy management and control solutions for service providers, today announced it has successfully completed interoperability testing of its next-generation 3GPP PCRF (Policy Charging and Rules Function) solution, the Quantum Network Suite, with Cisco’s Unified Computing System. 

BroadHop’s Quantum Network Suite is claimed to be the only policy management solution tested on the Cisco UCS platform that delivers a virtualized policy layer, enabling service providers to take full advantage of highly efficient and economical virtualized environments.

Service providers continue to seek alternate means to effectively ease the pressure on their networks caused by increasing mobile data traffic.  BroadHop’s Quantum Network Suite delivers immediate relief by offering the industry’s only, fully virtualized PCRF.  Coupled with Cisco UCS’s virtualized server and network architecture, the integrated solution allows service providers to simplify and accelerate deployments by eliminating server-bound load balancing, reduce hardware footprint by drastically reducing requirements for redundancy, and roll-out new services and reallocate resources at dramatically faster speeds.  The combined offering of UCS and the Quantum Network Suite empowers service providers with seamless, on demand service scale out, embedded high availability and clustering, and the agility to meet market demand for more bandwidth and service innovation.

Cisco’s UCS streamlines service provider data center resources, integrating network and software capabilities while scaling service delivery and reducing the number of required devices – including management, power, cooling, and cabling.  BroadHop’s Quantum Network Suite virtualized PCRF architecture and open policy-application platform bridges network and software capabilities, separating policy from the underlying network to dramatically reduce the time needed for service and application creation.  Quantum Network Suite provides service providers with:

•       The first Open Policy PCRF application platform with up to 10X faster service velocity

•       The first fully virtualized, massively scalable policy platform with massively scalable virtual node application architecture

•       The first two-way, interactive policy for smartphones (iPhone and Android) enabling personalized services, and increased quality of experience for users

As the mobile Internet environment matures, with continued rapid adoption of Android-based and Apple-based mobile devices, netbooks and tablet computers – and as increased video sharing, multi-media sharing, data and voice usage requires new levels of performance – BroadHop’s Quantum Network Suite will enable Cisco customers to rapidly deploy new services to subscribers, leveraging the power of virtualization technology with the reliability of automated load balancing across numerous virtualized services. With this integrated offering, BroadHop has solidified its position as the leading policy management vendor enabling the shift from control of resources towards management of customer services and applications.

"Today, virtualization is king – service providers cannot afford to compete using traditional server-bound technology,” said Jim O’Brien, VP of Business Development of BroadHop Inc. "Now, with this new solution from BroadHop and Cisco, Tier-1 service providers can be assured their PCRFs will easily and cost-effectively handle the millions of daily subscriber transactions, and ultimately scale to meet their skyrocketing data demand.”