Sun, Jan

SMS Network Application Handbook - The exclusive guide for optimizing and securing SMS infrastructure

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When short message service (SMS) debuted more than 15 years ago, few could have guessed that a 160-character message exchanged between mobile subscribers was destined for such great success. According to Portio Research estimates, global texters sent nearly 3.5 trillion messages in 2008. To put that figure in perspective, that is roughly five-hundred times the global population. And, all those messages are creating impressive returns; SMS generates more revenue than all other data services combined (Frost & Sullivan, 2008). While operators have welcomed this dramatic growth, they are beginning to discover that success has a downside.

This handbook presents the toughest infrastructure challenges and demonstrates how Tekelec's SMS Network solution is helping operators address them.

  • 1. Optimizing the Existing SMS Infrastructure
  • 2. Managing Application-Originated Traffic
  • 3. Protecting the SMS Business
  • 4. Delivering Mobile Advertising
  • 5. Offering SMS Personalized Services