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Contextual Messaging – New Mobile Service Frontiers with Instant Messaging and Presence

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Mobile Instant Messaging (MIM) is an enhanced, Presence-enabled messaging service and provides operators and service providers with one of the largest business opportunities since the launch of SMS - not just as a service in its own right, but also as a key enabler for the digital content economy.

Rather than replacing voice or existing messaging technologies in the short term, MIM represents a complementary and additional form of communication that can be used as a building block for converged communication services in the future.

Indeed, Frost & Sullivan predict that MIM will be the next revolutionary mobile messaging service, with a potential market value of $6.1bn by 2012.

This White Paper examines the opportunities and challenges when launching a MIM service, and the options that operators need to factor in when building a solid business strategy for an enhanced messaging service.

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