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Business Intelligence as a Tool for Optimization in Telecommunications

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Business intelligence solutions are a means by which telcos can interrogate data from multiple sources, helping them to make the right business decisions, manage and maintain their networks, and deliver top-class customer service. Such solutions analyze complex data sets, and deliver information in clear, graphic format.

A BI solution will carry out predictive analytics, alerting the operator to potential network or service issues. It can also analyze data to give deep insight into the health of the company and its resources, and suggest potentially promising new business opportunities or adjustments. Business intelligence is a means by which telcos can better understand and segment their customers, allowing them to tailor and target offers precisely. In service assurance, BI levels the playing field for telcos in competition with OTTs, and it is essential for monitoring and ensuring the smooth rollout of 5G projects – something that must surely be on the mind of every telco manager today.

It’s important to find a business intelligence solution provider with a good reputation and track record, who can deliver their product in line with your specific requirements. The product itself must be fully capable of backward and forward integration, scalable, and secure. At minimum, it should also simplify the creation of reports based on the most recent and applicable data, present information in clear, graphical format, and facilitate sharing between relevant departments and devices.

Select the right business intelligence service provider, and the result will be improved operational efficiency, more effective marketing, and lower costs.

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