• V-band radio systems are the perfect answer to small cell backhaul deployment challenges and a potential spectrum crunch that could face operators, according to UK operator EE.
    V-band (60 GHz) is a part of the millimetre wave radio technology. The band is essentially undeveloped but available for use in a broad range of new products and services, including high-speed, point-to-point wireless local area networks and broadband internet access.
  • Smartphone customers are consuming more data on a per-user basis than tablet users, according to a new report, which is helping to push mobile networks towards a spectrum crunch.
    The fourth-annual study from network solutions firm JDSU found that out of the top 10 most data-intensive devices six were smartphones, three were tablets and one was a phablet.
  • Ofcom has said that it plans to boost the capacity of the UK mobile broadband by more than 25 times by 2030.
    The UK regulator said it has identified a number of new spectrum bands as potential options for future mobile broadband use as part of the launch of a new consultation process.