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  • But with responsibility comes opportunity...

    Mobile operators have the opportunity to differentiate themselves, secure customer loyalty and even additional revenues by providing "clean pipe" services to customers and partners, but must act before regulators and governments force through flawed rules forcing compliance, Mobile Europe has been told.

    Currently, there is agreement across the industry that there is a marked increase in the amount of security threats to mobile device users. Andy Dancer, CTO EMEA of TrendMicro, told a London audience last week that the rate of growth of malicious applications is "dramatic".

    "Get ready for take-off," Dancer said, "Only a lack of an apps monoculture has been saving us to date." However, both Android and Apple are now reaching sufficient scale in the apps community to attract malicious apps, experts warn.

  • Nine companies and academic institutions, including France Telecom, Microsoft and NEC, have formed a consortium to develop a means of providing anonymous authentication for users of smartphones using contactless services.

    The consortium, called LYRICS (Lightweight privacY-enhancing cRyptography for mobIle Contactless Services) wants to research technology that could confirm access privileges while protecting the anonymity of users and devices. LYRICS intends to provide an open, general-purpose architecture for privacy-preserving contactless services and a set of cryptographic mechanisms for implementing and deploying these services on NFC-enabled mobile phones.

  • Kontron's 40Gbps security application, developed with partner Cavium, equips OEMs and operators with the tools they need to cope with, and make money from, the coming surge of mobile data.

    The demo consists of a 40Gbs AdvancedTCA Kontron platform using Cavium’s OCTEON II 32 core processors and Cavium TurboDPI software.

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