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Turkcell trials enriched VoLTE, LTE-A 21 April 2015
Three UK planning autumnal VoLTE launch 23 April 2015
Oracle launches new VoLTE, VoWiFi product 27 April 2015
Operators cool on switching off networks, claims new report 28 April 2015
BT, HGC interconnect IPX networks in push for LTE roaming, VoLTE 13 May 2015
New voice tech driving sharp growth in equipment market, claims report 20 May 2015
Telenor banks on VoLTE as it plans to switch off legacy networks 05 June 2015
Swisscom launches VoLTE, VoWi-Fi to arrive this summer 10 June 2015
Orange launches Wi-Fi calling in the UK through Libon 25 June 2015
Operators' future remains chained to the past, LTE summit hears 25 June 2015
Vodafone brings VoLTE to Spain, Italy 09 July 2015
Consumers keen on next gen voice and video calling, Alcatel-Lucent finds 21 July 2015
4G coming into its own as VoLTE, LTE-A snowball 23 July 2015
A-L, ZTE and Huawei to facilitate China Mobile VoLTE launch 11 August 2015
O2 Germany launches joyn-based Wi-Fi calling app 12 August 2015
Proximus, SK Telecom hold first international VoLTE call with BICS 25 August 2015
Swisscom touts “Advanced” telephony service after launching Wi-Fi calling 27 August 2015
Vodafone UK to launch Wi-Fi calling, preps VoLTE 11 September 2015
Orange's first VoLTE service goes live in Romania 15 September 2015
Huawei, China Mobile demo 3GPP standard for HD Voice 25 September 2015