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Trump Administration

“This is not normal”: Huawei files motion to overturn US ban 30 May 2019
Preisdent Trump recommends boycotting AT&T over 'fake news' 04 June 2019
Google lobbies Trump Adminstration against blocking Huawei's access to Android 07 June 2019
Latvia’s Tele2 chooses Huawei for first 5G handset 25 July 2019
T-Mobile’s €53bn acquisition of Sprint receives US approval 26 July 2019
Huawei launches Harmony OS as potential Android alternative 09 August 2019
Huawei’s founder wants to build an "invincible iron army" to survive US sanctions 13 August 2019
Germany says it won't ban Huawei from 5G infra as vendor’s profits rise 17 October 2019
Reports say UK will allow Huawei kit in 5G infrastructure 30 October 2019
China enters the 6G fray with government-backed initiative 07 November 2019
US suspends trade ban on Huawei again 19 November 2019
UK's Prime Minister demands alternatives to Huawei from critics 15 January 2020
US senators propose $1bn for 5G R&D to boost Huawei competition 16 January 2020
EU publishes guidelines for high-risk 5G vendors 31 January 2020
US moots “controlling stake” in Nokia and Ericsson to boost competition against Huawei 10 February 2020
China sets new regulations for domestic operators’ procurement 30 April 2020
Huawei says it will struggle to survive the extended US trade ban 18 May 2020
UK Government does U-turn on Huawei 26 May 2020
Extradition hearing will continue for Huawei’s CFO 28 May 2020
Social networks and other platform-based titans inch closer to the edge 01 June 2020